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Watson & Son by Oha Honey is 100 Percent Pure New Zealand, 100 Percent Natural, and 100 Percent Traceable

/EIN News/ -- BOCA RATON, Nov. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Not all Manuka honey is created equal.

There is counterfeit and adulterated Manuka Honey on the market. If you want genuine Manuka Honey, then you have to buy New Zealand Manuka honey, which comes from bees pollinating the Manuka bush, which is native to New Zealand.

One of the most trusted brands in Manuka Honey is Watson & Son.

“Our Manuka Honey is 100 percent New Zealand, 100 percent natural, and 100 percent traceable,” said Jarrod Smith, Chief Commercial Officer of Oha Honey, the parent company of the famous Watson & Son brand. “We are a trusted global brand with our Watson & Son Manuka available in over 1,000 retail outlets and leading online stores globally.”

“We are really excited about launching our Molan Gold Standard™ (MGS) range of Manuka in the United States,” said Smith.  The Molan Gold Standard™ was developed and named after the scientist who discovered the special antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey when applied topically, the late Dr. Peter Molan MBE.

Dr. Molan is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading honey scientists and carried out research on honey since 1981, publishing many well-known papers in international scientific and medical journals.

The Molan Gold Standard™ is owned by Oha Honey and is a government accepted certification mark that appraises the natural marker methylglyoxal found in Manuka Honey and assures purity and quality. “The Molan Gold Standard is set to give our consumers full confidence that what they are purchasing has an accurate, scientifically conducted measurement of the claimed methylglyoxal content,” said Smith.

Manuka Honey can’t get more authentic than the Watson & Son brand.

Watson & Son was founded initially by the Watson family in rural Wairarapa.  It is now 100 percent owned by Ngāi Tahu, which is the principal indigenous Māori tribe of the South Island of New Zealand. When it says it is 100 percent traceable, it means Watson & Son can trace its Manuka Honey back to its source hive.

“We are focused on becoming the world’s most trustworthy producer of Manuka Honey,” Smith said. “Just as honey is a product with absolute integrity because it has only one ingredient – honey, Oha Honey is working hard to become recognized as a company that conducts its business with absolute integrity.”

Oha Honey’s 100 percent control of its supply chain also separates its Manuka Honey from other brands. Oha Honey controls the honey production from the rearing of the queen bees to hive management, honey extraction, transportation, and packing of honey in a jar. 

“We want to produce the best Manuka honey,” Smith said.

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Andrew Polin
Watson & Son By Oha Honey