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Bill Stepanek of Team Performance Group to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ORINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / -- A team is comprised of people with complementary skills committed to a common purpose and goals with shared values to which they hold themselves accountable. However, achieving high performing teams is easier said than done.

Bill Stepanek is managing partner and founder of Team Performance Group, a consulting and coaching company specializing in business teams, primarily for the financial service industry. Team Performance Group is dedicated to “Building Teams That Go The Distance.”

“Our mantra is Purpose, People, and Processes,” says Stepanek. “Those are the key points of any team guided by leadership.”

Without teamwork, people are limited to their own energy and vision of the future, so the first level of discovery for TPG is to determine if everyone on the team is wearing the same color jersey? Are they all facing the same direction? Are they all trying to accomplish the same goals?

“We help people see things in themselves that they cannot see for themselves,” says Stepanek. “We help them find their individual and team purpose and reach beyond where they thought they could go. We help them to communicate and collaborate and by doing so, achieve what they could not do alone.”

Stepanek and his team help their clients get really clear on organization objectives, exploring communication styles, individual motivations of the team members to help make sure that they fit their role, to help the team function at its best.

Leadership is often the X-Factor for team performance, so TPG spends a lot of time helping team leaders helping team leaders understand what their role is as the leader and developing their emotional intelligence: the ability to understand and manage the emotions of yourself and others and choosing the best way to communicate with to get the best results.

“In smaller business, the leadership often hasn’t been trained to be leaders,” explains Stepanek. “They often function as a leader based upon how their football coach did things, or what John Wayne did in a movie, which isn't always the most appropriate way to handle things. So, we help them understand key components of what team leaders need to do to for the team to be successful and then coach them on how to communicate what they're trying to say.”

“I'm 110% in their corner,” says Stepanek. “We don't function really like a business would where we're trying to maximize our bottom line at the client’s expense. It's always about the person we're trying to help, by being wise, being tough when we need to be, and giving good advice.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Bill Stepanek in an interview with Jim Masters on November 13th at 3pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on November 20th at 3pm EST

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