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Shannon Byrne Susko of Metronome United to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 7, 2019 / -- When we imagine a dream job most of us aspire to be CEOs perceiving it as glamorous but the reality is the person in charge of leading an organization bears all the weight of the world on their shoulders. Being ultimately responsible for the success or failure can bring more stress than any other position within the organization. In reality, the most successful CEOs seek mentorship and guidance. What if there was a coach who could provide rational growth framework and advice to assist not only the CEO grow professionally but also help their entire team as well?

Shannon Susko is a serial entrepreneur, two time bestselling author, of The Metronome Effect: The Journey to Predictable Profit and The 3HAG WAY, professional Keynote Speaker and CEO and founder of Metronome United.

“We are a results driven organization coaching CEO’s and their leadership team to successfully increase their company’s profitability and value through reach their 10 year goal and their 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal (3HAG),” says Shannon. “With our exceptionally unique growth system we work closely with the CEO but in actuality we are strategically coaching the leadership team with our own proven coaching system.”

According to Shannon, leadership team coaching should be an integral and fundamental part of any organization. Shannon, who had her own high growth business coach during her twenty years in business, created this growth system from her personal experience as a CEO and Business Coach where she developed these methodologies including the Global 3HAG certification program. There are over 60 coaches worldwide trained in this growth system.

“This system is founded upon the most highly regarded thought leaders of our time,” says Shannon. “It pulls together the best tools and brings them alive in one system so that CEOs and leaders can easily evolve their strategy and execution plan.”

Metronome United is a group of sixty coaches globally that are all leading and driving the Metronome Growth System founded upon the 3HAG strategic system. 3HAG Coaches work with CEOs and leadership team directly, lead CEO monthly roundtables and lead workshops based on this methodology and are getting incredibly consistent predictable growth results. The companies who commit to growth and work with a Metronome United 3HAG Coach are seeing results of on average of tripling their top-line and at minimum doubling their cashflow in a 3 year time period.

“We want leaders to perceptively understand our the Metronome Growth System and reach every last 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal (3HAG) they set.,” says Shannon. “We want to support CEOs and their leadership team to grow their companies with ease and confidence.”

“If you’re a CEO expanding your company it doesn’t have to be a frustrating or a difficult challenge – believe me I have been there,” says Shannon. “There is a foundational prescriptive framework called the Metronome Growth System that allows CEOs to grow their company with ease and confidence in a predictable and profitable way.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Shannon Byrne Susko in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday November 7th at 1 p.m. EST and with Jim Masters on November 14th at 1 p.m. with Jim Masters.

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