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PUNE, INDIA, November 6, 2019 / -- Overview

The Mint is an aromatic plant that provides us with a sweetly scented aroma along with a different taste. The Mint belongs to the family of several culinary herbs andisfound in the regions of temperate climatic areas of the old world.  Mint Flavors are a byproduct of the plant of Mentha, which a member of the Lamiaceae family with the characteristics of being a genus of plant. 

The complete classification between species of the plants is still unclear as there is an estimation of a large variety of species that ranges between 13 to 24 types. In the case of the Mint plants, a large number of hybridization is also done, but in some plants, it happens in a natural process, and shreds of evidence of some plants overlapping the species range are also encountered.

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The following manufacturers are covered in this report

Lochhead Manufacturing
Cook Flavoring
C.F. Sauer

Segmentation of the Global Mint Flavors Market

Depending upon their applications, the Global Mint Flavors Market can be segmented into,

Food and Beverage – Food and Beverage can be defined as the products that are consumed by us in our day to day life. Food and Beverages are the primary sources of energy that the body requires in abundance. The Mint Flavor is also in the food and beverage industry for adding flavor to the consumption and adding taste to it. Foods and Beverages are used in products like soft drinks, candies, and other food resources.

Tobacco – Tobacco is a product that has been derived from the plants that are rich in nicotine. Tobacco belongs to the plant family of the Solanaceae and the Nicotiana genus. The tobacco is a byproduct of the leaves of these plants and can be found in more than 70 species.

Health Care Products – Health products are the substance that provides us with energy and helps us in making us healthy. For the reason of the current environment, the products related to health care are in the growing stage as they search for better health care products, and better means of deliverance are still in demand by the health care providers such as the physicians, hospitals, etc.

Major Geographical Regions of Global Mint Flavors Market

Based on the Geographical region, the Global Market of Mint Flavors includes the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, and Russia from Europe. Japan, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, China, and Singapore from Asia-Pacific. Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil from Central & South America. Egypt, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC Countries from the Middle East & Africa. And the United States of America and Canada from the continent of North America.

Industry Insights

The Global Mint Flavors size has recorded a convincing increase in its revenue in the last few years with a higher Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in the year 2018. The CAGR is expected to grow even more within the stipulated forecast period of 2019 – 2025. The Global Mint Flavors Market is moving on the higher positive side. The study defines 2018 as the base year, and 2019 to 2025 is the forecasted period of the Global Mint Flavors Market.


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