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Ravi Bahethi Announces the Launch of His New Personal Website

Ravi Bahethi, expert programmer and President of Terranet, Inc. announces the launch of his new personal website

BOWIE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, November 5, 2019 / -- Programming industry veteran and President of Terranet, Inc. expands the scope and reach of his online presence, offering valuable perspective on a life spent on the front lines of successful IT entrepreneurship.

Mr. Bahethi will use his site to share his knowledge and lessons learned over a programming career that has spanned the entire lifecycle of the modern internet. He shares his views on a wide array of information technology topics born of his decades of industry experience, built on a foundation of philosophical tenets. He shares snippets of knowledge such as:

Being an entrepreneur/business person is not for everyone
Understanding risk is important
Managing your time is most important

These fundamentals are the basis upon which Mr. Bahethi builds more specific viewpoints:

On Strategic Growth

"Marketing is a critical strategy and allows people to know who you are and what you do. Your marketing strategies must help you actively engage with people and businesses to find the best potential customers. Additionally, testing different marketing strategies allows you to fine-tune your goods and services to your desired customer base."

On Career Advice

"Specialize in something, preferably in something with a less competitive market. With less competition, there will be more opportunities for your company to expand into the field. For example, becoming a Systems Administrator on Windows is very good, but becoming a Systems Administrator on VAX VMS is better."

On the Most Important Trait of the Successful Entrepreneur

"It is crucial to be on time. Be on time when meeting people. Be on time with your filings/submissions. Be on time with getting things done. Plan well, even if it means limiting the number of things you can do in a day. Make educated, well-thought-out choices, and delegate tasks to employees."

On the Life Cycle of an Idea

"I bring ideas to life through patience and trial-and-error. After developing an idea, I analyze two limiting factors–cost and time–and decide which ideas are feasible. Through logical analysis, I can deduce which ideas are practical and can be put into action."

A Fresh Resource From a Trusted Source

In addition to his success establishing Terranet as a leader in Numerical, Statistical and Data Analysis and Computer/Network programming support services, Mr. Bahethi has earned a commendation from the most elite members of the programming world, having been recognized by NASA for his contributions to the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) project, designed to help the Administration better understand the natural and human-made influences on the Earth's atmosphere.

Ravi Bahethi is opening his wealth of skills, knowledge, and experience to the world. For his authoritative take on diverse topics, consider Ravi Bahethi’s blog your personal IT consultancy source for the latest in tech observations, best practices, and solutions.

About Ravi Bahethi

Ravi Bahethi is a systems engineer and president of Terranet, Inc. Since 1991, Maryland-based company Terranet has been providing scientific and technical support services for government and industry clients. Mr. Bahethi is also an expert programmer and is highly skilled in building and managing teams. He is a results-driven individual with a unique passion and knack for everything related to technology. His company provides programming in Fortran 77, Fortran 90, C/C++ and SQL on various platforms, including OpenVMS, Tru64 Unix, IRIX, Linux and Windows, giving their customers flexible and cost-effective IT solutions.

Ravi Bahethi earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, and his graduate degree from American University. Thanks to his education and experience, Mr. Bahethi can provide tailored and customized services to each of his clients and can manage complex technological systems throughout their life cycles.

When he is not working, Ravi spends his time exploring the outdoors, hiking, or playing tennis. He also enjoys reading books and has a profound sense of irony. He also supports the work of the Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO) and appreciates that it helps children develop and expand their interest in music.

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