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Arizona prison's censor blocks author's email to Congressman and his editor

GLENDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2019 / -- Arizona Prison’s Censor, blocks author’s email to Congresswoman and his Editor.
By George Kayer

On October 2, 2019, George Kayer attempted to send his editor at Prison Living Magazine a work-product email which staff are not supposed to read.

The email discussed the possibility of including Congresswoman, Jenifer Longdon on the cover of the next issue. Kayer wanted to share Longdon’s experience as a victim of a drive by shooting with juvenile and adult inmates. To place her story in front of inmates before one of them pulls the trigger and begins another cycle of tragedy. Included in Kayer’s email was a message for Longdon.

The prison censor and supervisor of Florence mail room headquarters is Sgt Ramos. Since Kayer’s first article in 2017 about cockroach infested cells at Central Unit prison, Sgt Ramos has targeted Kayer and his publishers with a constant campaign of retaliation. Kayer carefully documented dozens of incidents of retaliation, filing grievances all the way to (then) Director Ryan – to no avail.

“I realized when Sgt Ramos blocked my email and locked out my editor from her jpay email account, that Sgt. Ramos would never stop the campaign of harassment and retaliation. Efforts to verify Sgt. Ramos blocked this email have been met with the time honored pass the buck. COIV Young stated none of his staff has the ability to block inmate emails, however, an internal jpay document (Particularly addendum # 7-15-70-30.1-jpay attachment A) debunks Young’s claim.”

With no other timely options available, we decided to expose Sgt. Ramos for the badge bully and criminal he is. Confidential sources have stated their frustrations with Sgt. Ramos mail room, catching them sleeping and having to do their jobs. “We are all over worked and seriously understaffed, but sleeping on the job hurts all officers,” said another source. Just last month an incoming box with 40 cell phones and a pound of meth was missed by Sgt. Ramos at his mail room headquarters and discovered by then smaller, understaffed Central unit mail room.

The law and prison policies: ADC policy 914-5.2 states, mail room staff shall not read the content of correspondence to (5.2.2) publishers, editor of a newspaper, news magazine or periodical. Andy, 5.2.4 reads: or elected or appointed officials.

Blocking Kayer’s email to his editor and Congresswoman Longdon are factual signs of abuse of power, acting out of color with evil intent and, violations of state and federal statutes.

The question now for the new Director of Prisons, David Shinn is, will he continue the well established pattern of ignoring well documented grievances by staff and inmates or is there really a new sheriff in town?

George Kayer has been writing about prison reform issues for 10 years. You can email him at

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