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Dr. Martha Latz of A Unique Therapy Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2019 / -- How many of us are really living a life as our authentic selves, being aware of who we are rather than who the world “expects” us to be? Our authenticity is not defined by our job as an “entrepreneur,” or our role as “partner or parents,” it is about being genuine and allowing our creativity and who we truly are to shine. Stepping out from behind the curtain by not being willing to be authentic we become lost in a void making us extremely disheartened individuals.

Dr. Martha Latz is a top-notch Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Senior Psychotherapist, Life and Relationship Coach, and owner of A Unique Therapy providing professional therapeutic assistance and life coaching for individuals, couples, and families.

“Being authentic means to be truly self-aware and your surroundings,” says Dr. Latz. “It is being cognizant of that “aha” moment when our true self says “I’m out of here and I’m not going back.” It is not wrapped up in projection, biases or judgements of others. The authentic self can say to people “Your viewpoint of me is simply an interesting point of view, not necessarily that I agree or disagree with it, I’m just saying it’s an interesting point of view.”

When we are genuine individuals we have a different perspective and we can stand firmly rooted in our own point of view. At its very essence, authenticity requires connecting with our inner selves and accepting our strengths and weaknesses. By connecting with our own values, we can act purposefully in ways that are accessing our virtues and qualities with conscious awareness. When we are authentic we are enlightened, glow with joy, open mindedness, and true happiness.

“The sad reality is that the majority of people in this world are so dreadfully overworked, overtired, and stressed that they are literally walking around in a haze,” says Dr. Latz. “They fall into bed exhausted and the very next day begin the same vicious cycle of life, very routine and compassionate listening grinds to a halt.”

When we are listening compassionately, we are not judging others from our biases and allowing our ingenuity to be expressed and accessing more open room for dialogue and growth.

“My own authentic self allows me to be open to recognizing when I place judgement or bias on someone. When this occurs, I am not being faithful to my true self because I have begun to receive the judgements being placed on me and I may in turn place one on others, forgetting that it is an interesting point of view,” says Dr. Latz. “By understanding that my own story is okay, and it doesn’t have to resonate with everyone else’s story “my authentic self is fine with my story not fitting in and that it is just an interesting point of view”.”

So how do we begin to connect to our authentic selves and remain steadfastly true to who we are? Some of the steps we can take is by releasing any self-limiting thoughts, being kind to ourselves and others, practicing the art of listening, and deciding what makes us feel joy to align with our actual feelings. Daily meditation and journaling are also excellent way to profoundly express ourselves.

“By living to what we know in our heart of hearts we become free thinkers because if we are not making ourselves happy we will not make others happy either,” says Dr. Latz.

Not being who we were created to be is agonizingly a primary reason our nation is so overwhelmingly stressed.

“We are all suffering from some sort of PTSD,” says Dr. Latz. “Corporations are going bankrupt and people are losing their jobs and financial freedom. The state of America is traumatized by all the chaos out there and we have to recognize what innately inspires us.”

Feeling overwhelmed and melancholy also affects our bodies leading to high blood pressure, heart disease, addictions, overeating, and devastating illnesses.

“Lose the word fear and we can begin our journey to our authentic selves,” says Dr. Latz. “We should all mentor one another as well as mentor ourselves. I think of the world as a multifaceted prism and we all add our own unique dazzling color. When we authentically share our gifts, the world becomes a brighter, happier place and so do we.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Martha Latz in a series of interviews on Monday October 14th at 1 p.m. EST with Jim Masters, on Monday October 21st at 1 p.m. EST with Doug Llewelyn, and on Monday October 28th at 1 p.m. EST with Jim Masters

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