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Attachment Style Expert Paula Sacks to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2019 / -- Our style of attachment is established in early childhood between 12 and 18 months of age and functions as a model for relationships in adulthood.

Paula Sacks is a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in attachment styles and a co-author of Attachment Disturbances in Adult: Treatment for Comprehensive Repair.

“Attachment is all relational,” says Paula. “It's between you and another person form the moment you're born, and it will stay with you for your entire life.”

There are four attachment styles: secure and three types of insecure. Those with secure attachment seek emotional closeness with others and are able to establish emotional intimacy; they’re comfortable being alone and have a positive self-image. Those with insecure attachments are either dismissive in relationships, avoiding intimacy, or they are anxious-preoccupied, displaying excessive worry about relationships. The third insecure attachment style is a combination of both dismissive and anxious-preoccupied.

“As an attachment specialist, I see this across the board,” says Paula. “You see it with mothering, you see it with dating, you see it with marriage, and this tends to be something that kind of gets in people’s way.”

According to Paula, there five primary conditions to promote secure attachment in newborns: felt safety, felt acknowledgment, felt comfort, felt value and felt support for best self. These conditions can be applied in adulthood as well. As an attachment specialist, Paula can help her clients move their behavior toward a more secure realm.

“Children are little sponges,” says Paula. “Even the perception of neglect or rejection can have the same effect on a newborn as actual neglect or rejection, locking a newborn into an insecure attachment style. If people are coming to my office as adults, then they've likely been struggling with an insecure attachment style their whole lives.”

Paula does this primarily through imagination. Once she can determine her client’s attachment style, she will place the clients in a 20-minute hypnotic state where she has them meet “new” parents who know exactly what they need.

“It's not that we're changing your memories, but experiencing your memories differently,” says Paula. “Your creativity comes from your imagination, so we want to work with your imagination to heal.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Paula Sacks an interview with Jim Masters on September 12th at 11am EDT.

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