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Life Coach and Author Kelly Kimberlin to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2019 / -- “Men lead lives of quiet desperation,” was famously said by Henry David Thoreau and how true is that for all of us today? How often do we all seek comfort in material possessions, money, and careers, not really connecting with our inner selves? By focusing on superficial longings and not our inner voice and true calling maybe we are not truly living.

Kelly Kimberlin is a top notch Master Life Coach, Energy healer, Speaker, and author of the books 'Street Wise and Alley Raised' and 'The Badass is Back' and owner of Connect with Your Inner Bad Ass Coaching.

“Through my masterful coaching and Energy work I help people find balance in their physical and emotional bodies,” says Kelly. “I wholeheartedly remind people they are essentially spiritual beings with the unique capacity to create a life they absolutely love.”

Through her exceptional programs like “Dream Builder and “Life Mastery”, Kelly profoundly discusses with clients the significance of love, forgiveness, and gratitude, how they can acquire their energetic blueprint, and how to unlock their true inner potential. According to Kelly, humans become so overwhelmingly stressed and lose all sense of hope and become shrouded in unfulfilled dreams But the fact is we create our own lives by what we feel, say, and think. Kelly provides the proper tools to teach people how to generate lives of self-care and purposefulness.

“We all possess trapped emotional baggage like resentment, anger, and hatred,” says Kelly. “These negative emotions actually keep our energy blocked and foggy. I can detect and release emotions that will help balance your physical and emotional body and help individuals move forward and have a genuinely joyful life.”

Based on her own struggles and challenges Kelly was moved to write her inspirational books. 'Street Wise and Alley Raised' is a touching memoir told with humor and candidness about Kelly’s actual life and how even if you have a nice home and flashy car happiness is an illusion without self-love.

Kelly’s second book 'The Badass is Back' vividly explains her emergence from her troubles and how awareness and taking care of your body and soul are key.

“Most women are such caretaker and people pleasers,” says Kelly. “But we must take care ourselves too and all of us should be mindful that we came here to grow, expand, blossom, and experience the life that impassions us, not to be weighed down by stress and anxiety.”

Kelly’s goal is to share everything she has learned and she’s still learning because it resonates with her soul. She effortlessly teaches her clients to stay centered, grounded, and sincerely love yourself.

“I genuinely believe life does not have to be such a struggle,” says Kelly. “When people create the lives they desire and have less anxiety and more love, forgiveness, and gratitude they will discover how much more joyful the world can truly be.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Kelly Kimberlin in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday September 9th at 1 pm EST.

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Written by Beatrice Maria Centeno

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