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Psychologist and Author Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2019 / -- Psychology and Psychoanalysis as clinical practices have a depth and range that are generally not known to the general public. So many people resort to medication when in-depth experiential work to understand oneself, and to prevent the repetition of self sabotaging behavior, is available with trained clinicians in Mental Health.

Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler is a clinical psychologist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, who has been practicing in lower Manhattan for more than 40 years.

Though she’s been in the field for many years, Dr. Kavaler-Adler is distinguished by her ability to innovate and experiment in a session with a client, as well as to listen very deeply to the many levels of communication.

“I’m the instrument to tune into the unconscious thoughts and feelings of the patient, but I’m also open to an improvisational state” says Dr. Kavaler-Adler. “The psychoanalyst is the expert to help the patient sort through their confusion, to recognize what their mind is saying to them, and to recognize how repressing the unconscious parts of themselves might be contributing to their problems. I work with adults, but part of that work is to help the adult work with the child inside.” This also relates to understanding and healing trauma.

According to Dr. Kavaler-Adler, our interpretations of life come from the underlying psychic fantasies we carry with us. Uncovering your fantasy, and making it conscious, helps you have choices rather than compulsions.

“Many people are very much repeating negative patterns over and over again, self-sabotaging and also sabotaging relationships,” says Dr. Kavaler-Adler. “I allow them to have the space for all their thoughts and feelings that come up in the moment, and help them see defensive operations that interfere with being fully present in the moment, which is also related to blocks in creativity, and to blocks in love and relationships and intimacy. I’m allowing thoughts and feelings, but I'm also welcoming psychic fantasies, dreams, nightmares, wishes and desires.”

This willingness to explore what’s possible in human psychology extends to Dr. Kavaler-Adler’s writing as well. She specializes in “Object Relations,” a school of thought that explores how the nature of our need for connection in relationships, which developed early in life, continues to affect our inner experience in the present. The author of 70 articles and 6 books, Dr. Kavaler-Adler is the Founder and the Executive Director of the Object Relations Institute, a state chartered educational institute that trains psychotherapists and psychoanalysts.

“One of my books, entitled "Mourning, Spirituality and Psychic Change: A New Object Relations View of Psychoanalysis,". discusses how, when people open up to grief, mourning and loss, they open up to all kinds of new possibilities. This 'developmental mourning' process awakens spirituality, creativity, and erotic passion. Developmental mourning helps those in the process of psychotherapy to find their true voice, as the formerly blocked or inhibited parts of the person emerge with the depth of feeling, loving, and intimate relating."

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler in an interview with Jim Masters on September 6th and September 27th at 11am EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on September 20th at 11am EDT

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