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Thanks to the New Payment Options, High Risk Merchants Including Start-Ups Can Accept all Major Credit Cards

Serving Hard to Place Businesses since 1992

Medical Payment Processing Solutions

Finally a viable high-risk payment processing solution you can rely on, from a company you already do!

COLUMBUS, OHIO, US, August 29, 2019 / -- The founders of Canna Group LLC, a company that specializes in electronic payment solutions for all high-risk businesses, including CBD and MMJ, now has multiple payment solutions for both eCommerce and retail businesses.

To contact Canna Group LLC about starting a high-risk merchant services account, please visit

As a company spokesperson and Founder Sami Spiezio noted, the team from Canna
Group LLC is proud to offer viable payment solutions that will allow high risk
merchants including start-ups to accept all major credit cards.

For example, for online CBD merchants who are looking for reliable payment
processing options, Canna Group LLC offers a number of choices including check
processing, E-Wallet and traditional processing, for 100 percent topical CBD
sellers only. For existing merchants who have $50,000 or more of verifiable
history, Canna Group LLC is now also offering the traditional payment
processing option.

For merchants in the retail CBD arena, Canna Group LLC offers a cash back PIN
debit option for customers that use a debit card; a POB for debit users, and
an E-Wallet choice for those paying with a Visa or MasterCard.

Merchants in the MMJ industry will also find three payment solutions through
Canna Group LLC: the cash back PIN debit option for customers with a debit
card; the POB for debit cards and the E-Wallet option for a full line of
credit cards.

Finally, MMJ related businesses, including established and start-ups, can opt
for the traditional processing payment solutions for their company.

Partnerships with our country’s largest payment institutions, Canna Group LLC
will continue to provide the current and state-of-the-art payment solutions,
as they are made available; an continues to audit their clients’ accounts to
make sure they have the best solutions available today.

In addition to offering multiple payment solutions and help in obtaining a
high risk MID, Canna Group LLC can also assist businesses with less than
stellar credit to get the loan they need.

“No business should have to fail because they can’t get access to traditional
loans. CGLLC understands this, which why it works with businesses that have
bad credit, no credit, have filed for bankruptcy, or has unresolved tax
liens,” the spokesperson noted.

About Canna Group LLC:

At Canna Group LLC, merchants will find a committed team of experts ready to
help their business succeed by giving them the ability to accept credit cards
- no matter what business they are in. They are leaders in the field and have
been helping merchants improve sales and customer satisfaction since 1992.
Canna Group LLC offers Domestic Payment Processing Solutions for the hardest
to place merchants, and their merchants really appreciate that they do. This
includes all major card brands for even harder to place merchants such as CBD
and MMJ related industries.

Canna Group LLC is also a Full-Service Merchant
Processor ISO Provider. For more information, please visit

Sami Spiezio
Canna Group LLC
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