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MediXall Group, Inc. Enters the Medical Tourism Space with the Launch of MediXall Global Solutions

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Aug. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE-- MediXall Group Inc.(OTCQB: MDXL), a technology and innovation-driven organization focused on reducing healthcare costs and transforming the patient-provider experience, is pleased to announce that it is entering into the Global Medical Tourism Space by launching MediXall Global Solutions (MGS) (

With the Company’s underlying technology and relationships with healthcare providers, MediXall plans to establish a system that can create a patient-centered medical tourism platform to innovate the entire global medical tourism industry. To accomplish this, MediXall Global Solutions will initially leverage the 22,000 radiology providers and facilities in the CoreChoice network to offer affordable high-quality imaging services at convenient locations just across the Northern US border to serve Canadian patients.

The Fraser Institute released a 2018 study showing that wait times in Canada have continued to increase over the past two decades, with wait time in 2018 113% longer than in 1993. After receiving a referral from a general practitioner, the typical Canadian patient waited more than 19.8 weeks to receive treatment from a specialist. That was the longest average waiting period on record -- and more than double the median wait in 1993. Patients also experience significant waiting times for various diagnostic technologies across the provinces. The study states that Canadians could expect to wait 4.1 weeks for a computed tomography (CT) scan, 10.8 weeks for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, and 3.9 weeks for an ultrasound.

It is estimated that, across the 10 provinces, the total number of procedures for which people were waiting in 2018 was 1,082,541. This means that, assuming that each person waits for only one procedure, 2.9% of Canadians were waiting for treatment in 2018.

With these long wait times, many Canadians have started to travel outside of Canada to seek treatment, with an estimated 63,459 Canadians received non-emergency medical treatment outside Canada in 2016. With Ontario being the top province from which patients traveled abroad for treating, the MediXall team has started the process of onboarding Imaging Centers located near Detroit, Michigan & Buffalo, New York to better serve consumers from the province.

“With no clear solution currently out there to serve the medical tourism market, I am confident that by leveraging the technology, we can create a system that meets the ideal requirements of healthcare consumers, healthcare providers, and external partners to create a truly personalized medical tourism service,” said Michael Swartz, President of MediXall. “Initially rolling out MediXall Global Solutions to Canadian patients, we have already started creating relationships and partnerships with multiple leading Health Systems in Florida, with the intention of expanding the service to offer a variety of treatments to patients around the world.”

“The cost and availability of medical care has become a huge problem and with the advent of the medical tourism industry, this will be a viable option to patients who need quality care on a timely basis,” said Dr. Steven Gass, CEO of CoreChoice.

Today, no less than 20 million people travel across the world every year to receive healthcare services, spending an average of USD 3,410 per visit. This includes the costs of transportation, accommodation, inpatient stay, and medical-related expenditures. 

The medical tourism experience begins before a patient arrives for care. Web presence is essential as many patients and facilitators will use it for information and referrals. Users must be able to function in an environment  that  spans  distance,  time,  culture,  varying  degrees  of  need  and capability, and differing stages of care (e.g. from the moment someone begins investigating symptoms, treatments, locations and options; to during visit, when they are looking for health and amenity options; to after care, when tracking and communications can enhance outcomes and facilitate transactions).

Currently, medical tourism consumers request information from various medical institutions and agents to receive better medical services, but most of the medical service information is managed by individual medical institutions. Information exchange outside of the medical institution is only to disclose basic information through various media, and accurate information is not provided to medical consumers who are unlikely to be patients. In addition, the disclosure of medical service information centered on individual medical institutions is subjective, difficult to compare the quality of medical services, and a large amount of money is paid to agents and coordinators in addition to the cost of medical services. Therefore, medical tourism consumers are not able to receive the medical services that they really need, or the quality and satisfaction of the services aren’t up to their standards. 

By using, consumers can manage their healthcare and wellness travel activities and relationships with multiple MediXall providers, using a unified account with a single login and multiple stored cards. Consumers can discover local healthcare and wellness services in the location they plan to visit using a geo-located map function, view service and appointment descriptions, schedules and real-time availability, read practitioner biographies and user reviews written by consumers who have actually received the service, and then book and pay for their desired services in a few taps from their desktop or mobile devices. Through their dashboard, consumers can also receive appointment reminders, receive real-time updates regarding changes in available appointments, and access their account profile to review their completed appointments and payment history.

To make shopping online for healthcare user-friendly, MediXall created a simplified layer of terminology on top of complex medical coding and technical procedure definitions. In addition to simplifying the names of procedures, MediXall also includes all of the most common services involved in a procedure (e.g., facility fees, physician fees, and more), which means no more multiple bills.

About is a new generation healthcare marketplace designed to address the growing need of self-pay and high deductible consumers for greater transparency and price competition in their healthcare costs. The platform makes shopping for medical services just as easy as booking a flight or hotel. Through our online marketplace, patients seamlessly connect with doctors while bypassing almost all of the insurance headaches. With a cash-paying customer forefront in the design, the user experience mirrors other online booking sites found in other markets, providing consumers with user reviews, transparent pricing, and comparative shopping. The MediXall platform is all about making it easier for consumers to learn, decide, and pay for healthcare, without intruding on the important relationship with trusted doctors. With our tools, people can search for the treatment they need, find out how much it will cost them, schedule the appointment, pay for the service, and follow up as needed – all in one place. For more information, please visit or call (954) 908-3481.

About MediXall Group, Inc.MediXall Group is a technology and innovation-driven organization purposefully designed and structured to bring effective change to the U.S. healthcare industry that is actively trading on the OTCQB under the symbol “MDXL.” The Company believes its revolutionary approach will help drive much-needed change that it envisions is needed in the current healthcare system. The mission of the MediXall Group is to revolutionize the medical industry by improving communication; providing better technology and support services; and enabling more efficient, cost-effective healthcare for the consumer. By approaching the healthcare ecosystem as a whole, MediXall creates, invests and incubates companies that embody its mission statement. For more information, please visit or call (954) 908-3481.

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