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The Strange Death of Jeffrey Epstein: Creating or Quelling a Conspiracy Theory

A hangman would have needed a rope at least 5 ft long to break Epstein's neck.

If one wanted to squelch conspiracy theories, the autopsy should have been videotaped, with live-streaming to several pathologists to guard against alteration or loss of evidence.”
— Jane Orient

TUCSON, AZ, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / -- The much-awaited testimony of Jeffrey Epstein, which might have implicated many powerful people in a pedophile ring, will not occur. The verdict from the “altar of truth”—the autopsy table—is not quelling the conspiracy theories.

The original conspiracy theory was that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, did not kill President John F. Kennedy. This is still being discussed, most recently at the 37th annual meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. Interestingly, the celebrated 85-year-old pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, who investigated the JFK assassination, observed the Epstein autopsy, presumably to assure credibility.

“An autopsy can only identify the injuries and the presumptive mechanism of death,” stated Jane Orient, M.D., president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. “It cannot generally say for certain that injuries were self-inflicted.”

According to publicly released information, “some bones” in Jeffrey Epstein’s neck were fractured, including the hyoid. The other bones of the neck are the cervical vertebrae—not so easily broken. “Could Epstein have fractured those bones by tying a prison bed sheet to the upper bunk and kneeling down?” Dr. Orient asks.

The science of hanging was developed in the 19th century, to make executions more humane, quicker, and less error prone. The professional executioner was supposed to break the prisoner’s neck swiftly, not have him die slowly by asphyxiation—and without ripping off his head. For this purpose, the drop table was devised to calculate the length of the rope.

The drop—the distance the culprit was supposed to be in free fall before the noose stopped him—depended on his weight. For a 200-lb man, a drop of about 5 feet was needed to develop the requisite 1,000 ft-lbs of energy. There is no trap door in the cell, Dr. Orient pointed out, nor is there a movable ladder to stand on. Epstein was nearly 6 ft tall, and the upper bunk was less than 7 ft high. A rope attached there could not have allowed a sufficient drop to break Epstein’s neck. And could a prison bed sheet be fashioned into a rope that could halt the fall of a 200-lb man? Why not get a 200-lb sandbag and find out?

“The autopsy raised these questions, but does not answer them.”

Having Dr. Baden observe also raises concerns, in Dr. Orient’s view. Did the Kennedy autopsy miss a fist-sized exit wound in the back of the skull, through which much of the brain was extruded, or were surgeons and nurses who attended JFK at Parkland Memorial Hospital either mistaken or lying? Where did the photograph of the back of JFK’s head, which showed no such wound, come from?

If one wanted to squelch conspiracy theories, Dr. Orient suggested that the autopsy should have been videotaped, with live-streaming to several pathologists to guard against alteration or loss of evidence.

So far, questions are multiplying faster than answers, Dr. Orient concludes.

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