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Maicon Andrade, From Taekwondo, Enters a Select Group of Athletes After Winning Medals at All Major International Meets

World Championships and Olympic medal

Photo: Athlete's Instagram

Andrade and Coach Valerio celebrate the wins

Photo: Athlete's Instagram

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, August 18, 2019 / -- Maicon Andrade, 26, from Justinópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, doesn’t seem to get tired of winning medals. It was not until his most recent championship fight was over on July 29th at the Pan Am Games held in Lima, Peru, that he could finally realize the magnitude of what he had just accomplished.

Andrade’s win over Jesus Perea from Ecuador in the heavyweight fight for the bronze medal placed him in a select group of athletes who have medaled at big international events such as: The Olympics (Rio, 2016, Bronze), World Championships (Manchester, 2019, Bronze), World University Games (Taiwan, 2017, Silver), World Military Games (Rio, 2018, Bronze) and Pan Am Games (Peru, 2019, Bronze).

The result was fantastic, but the road for the bronze at the World Championships this year and the recent Pan Am Games held in Lima, Peru, was far from what Andrade had dreamed of. A week before the World Championships he injured his ankle in practice as his training partner accidentally stepped over his ankle after a fall.

“I think my performance could have been better but nonetheless it was a great result. I would like to thank everyone for cheering, all the support messages received and my coach. It’s just one more step on the quest for the Olympic Games”, concluded Andrade.

Barely able to step on the floor and with his ankle mobility severely limited, Andrade was still able to pull a third place finish at the world championships as taekwondo, a sport that relies mainly on kicks and leg work, also stresses the foot ligaments.

After it was all over, Andrade did not have much time until the Pan Am Games. At home, an attempt was made to resume training but with only a couple of weeks left until the start of the games, the injury seemed to increasingly limit his movements.

That’s when the work from his team made the difference. The task was to run against time. Andrade’s team was composed by his coach, doctor, physiotherapist and nutritionist. It was a delicate matter because even simple daily tasks such as walking were a challenge. But, in spite of all the hurdles, Andrade was able to score another bronze medal.

“This medal was the only one missing from major events. I’m not 100% happy but It’s a very special one”

Thankfully Andrade is now close to 100% and ready for the next challenges. His team is composed by Coach Rafael Valerio, Dr. Sandra Soldan (physician and a former Olympic Triathlete herself), Elisa Pilarsky - physiotherapist and Marcella Amar (Nutritionist, former Lady Vol Swimmer and member of the Brazilian Swimming National Team for 17 years).

Rafael Valerio, a former high level Taekwondo athlete himself, works with Andrade on a daily basis in order to prepare for the next events.

“ We train from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon. The focus is on tactics, physical work and specific taekwondo training. His medals were the result of round the clock injury care and the adapted workouts due to his condition. Thankfully the multidisciplinary team did a very good job in all aspects. Among the work I would like to emphasize his nutrition. It worked in our favor in regards to recovery and getting the body ready to support the training load. From now on, properly recovered, we are looking forward to about 8 meets between September and December, all of them extremely important for the world and Olympic ranking” Said Coach Valerio.

As far as his diet and supplements, Andrade follows a strict meal plan that focus on his recovery as well as his training intensities, times and food availability as it’s common for him to be away from home at meets and camps.

“His meals are planned based on his training phase and the feedback I get from him, from Coach Valerio and his lab assessments” said Marcella Amar.

“Obviously being a heavyweight makes the work easier. The lab assessments are scheduled at specific weeks during preparation but the main concern is his recovery, muscle explosion, to decrease fatigue and to help him assimilate as much as possible from the coordination exercises and increase focus ” Completed Amar.

About Rafael Valerio
As an athlete, Valerio has a vast array of medals at several European national open championships from ’10 to ’13.
Assistant coach on Andrade’s team up to the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Elected Best Coach at the Bolivia Open ’15.

About Marcella Amar
Member of the Brazilian National Team for 17 years, competed at Long and Short Course World Championships, Pan Am Games, World University Games, South American Championships and Latin Cups. As a Lady Vol competed at the ’95 NCAA Div I (200 Fly).
Graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Psychology degree, completed her Nutrition degree in Brazil from Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

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