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Oldest Swimmer ever to win a medal at a World Championships, Nicholas Santos Celebrates Along With His Staff

Image: Satiro Sodré/SS Press

Image: Satiro Sodré/SS Press

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRASIL, August 16, 2019 / -- In another successful chapter of his career, Nicholas Santos broke a record as soon as he became the oldest world championship medalist in history on July 22nd, 2019.

A 39 year old, Nicholas won his 13th medal at the world championships, his third in a row. To that count we add three more medals at Pan Am Games, the world record broken on the 50 fly short course meters last year, several national titles and the South American record also recently broken in the long course 50 fly. For many younger swimmers he is an example in and out of the water.

“I’m extremely happy with my results. I’m 39 and still swimming at a high level. I try my best to always be focused on whatever I’m doing, not just swimming. The age difference to the other swimmers sometimes is up to 15 years, but I try to use it to my advantage”.

Born in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo/Brazil, Nicholas still wants more. His next goal is to be at the 2021 Olympics representing Brazil and in order to be better prepared he has the help of many professionals.

Very disciplined in everything related to his career, among his staff he pays special attention to his diet. Ever since 2010 he has been working with a nutritionist, Marcella Amar, an alumni from The University of Tennessee. He tries to be always 100% focused.

“I’ve Always enjoyed to follow a healthy diet, Marcella has helped me tremendously as far as putting together an easy to follow, healthy meal plan that is effective. Without any doubt, in my specific case, I need to focus 100% on my recovery between training sessions. As far as my weight, it ranges from 87 to 89 Kg. It depends on the training phase”.
A former Lady Vol swimmer, world cup medalist and Brazilian National Swim team member for 17 years, Marcella Amar is part of a renowned team that has been working with Nicholas for almost ten years.

- Among other important things, we work a great deal on managing a few food intolerances and allergies spotted a few years ago. Nicholas used to miss a great deal of training days per year due to constant sinus infections, for example. We also take extreme care with his muscle mass, timed nutrient absorption, just to name a few important points, said Marcella.

“The meal composition changes according to the training phase and also his location (at a camp or at home). For him, recovery means everything. My role is to work with his team of professionals in order to adjust his diet and supplements to the demand” said the Nutritionist.

Nicholas has special care before meets, he avoids certain types of foods, the ones spotted on the intolerance exams done a few years ago are the most important.

“ Many of these foods can cause me inflammation so I always take care not to consume them before meets. Without a doubt, as far as recovery, all has to be lined up with my training”, says Nicholas.

Even through many of his competitors are way younger, Nicholas keeps getting better meet after meet.
“From now on I would like to train for the 50 Free. I’s a challenge for me. I feel that, for me, it’s easier to train for that than the 50 fly”

Besides being a bronze medalist at this year’s world championships in Gwanju, South Korea, Nicholas also won all the three Champion’s Swim Series this year (an event sponsored by FINA). Actually the most important reason that counted for his invitation by FINA to compete at this year’s world championships.

“The Swim Series is a very competitive, high level event. Open only for invited swimmers. Olympic, World medalists and top 3 in the world”.

Still enjoying the moment, Nicholas will resume training soon aiming to reach new challenges. He doesn’t discard competing at the 2021 world championships.

“It’s hard to plan on the long run. I would like very much to eventually end my career 20 years later on the very first place where it began but I sill have many goals to accomplish. Next year we will have the Short Course World Championships and this year World Cup events”, concluded Nicholas.

* Nicholas Accomplishments
World Championships (Long Course):
Silver - Kazan 2015 - 50 m Fly
Silver - Budapest 2017 - 50 m Fly
Bronze - Gwangju 2019 - 50 m Fly

World Championships – Short Course:
Gold - Istambul 2012 - 50 m Fly
Gold - Doha 2014 - 4×50 m medley relay
Gold - Doha 2014 - 4×50 m medley relay
Gold - Hangzhou 2018 - 50 m Fly
Silver - Indianapolis 2004 - 4×100 m free relay
Silver - Doha 2014 - 50 m Fly
Silver - Windsor 2016 - 4×50 m medley relay
Bronze - Indianapolis 2004 - 50 m free
Bronze - Dubai 2010 - 4×100 m free relay
Bronze - Hangzhou 2018 - 4×50 m medley relay

Pan Am Games:
Gold - Rio 2007 - 4×100 m free relay
Gold - Guadalajara 2011 - 4×100 m free relay
Silver - Rio 2007 - 50 m free

About Marcella Amar
Member of the Brazilian National Team for 17 years, competed at Long and Short Course World Championships, Pan Am Games, World University Games, South American Championships and Latin Cups. As a Lady Vol competed at the ’95 NCAA Div I (200 Fly).
Graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Psychology degree, completed her Nutrition degree in Brazil from Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

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