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LeadsForward Expands into Offering Motivated Solar Companies Live Leads & Booked Appointments

Solar Lead Generation Company

Exclusive Solar Leads

The dedicated professionals from LeadsForward are excited to team up with hungry solar companies to get more live leads and grow businesses around the country.

We strive to provide exclusive, inbound leads for hungry to grow businesses. For solar companies, this is a hot commodity, because of their usual experiences with recycled, cold leads.”
— Devon Eddy
PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2019 / -- With solar installations for homes and businesses becoming more and more sought out, the industry is turning into one that's more competitive than what it used to be. The dedicated experts from LeadsForward are ready to work with solar contractors that are enthusiastic about expanding their companies with their new exclusive solar lead generation capabilities.

LeadsForward is a lead generation company that is located in Rhode Island with team members working together locally and around the globe. They complete collective assignments to produce high-quality, inbound, organic, live leads for solar companies in the area and throughout the United States. Since starting the business back in 2013, Cheif Executive Officer Trevor Eddy and Chief Operating Officer Devon Eddy have worked diligently to come up with a formula that has continued to provide each client with leads that turn into paying customers.

As technology continues to grow and evolve, it became apparent to the LeadsForward team how essential a quality website is to all businesses in every industry. Gone are the days when people would pull out a phonebook to find a contractor and a phone number to call to complete a job they need to be done. Today, everything is achieved through the use of the internet, and more importantly, smartphones. When individuals need a specific product or service, they turn to the devices in their hands and do a quick search. The first companies that show up are the ones that get the most business. People generally trust the companies that are found at the top. It's human nature to think that the ones listed first are the most popular and therefore the most trusted. The focus quickly turned into finding out the best method to get every contractor LeadsForward works with to the top of that list. After beginning operations, unitedly they have generated over 10,000 solar leads, $1.5 million in revenue, and have satisfied over 2,000 customers around the United States.

One of the up-and-coming industries they decided to spotlight recently is getting solar leads to a local company in Rhode Island. Now that they've discovered how successful the partnership was working with their new client, they've decided to expand those same offerings to other solar companies all around the country. Instead of trying to obtain new clients through mass emails that likely go into junk folders, making cold calls, or even going door-to-door, the group at LeadsForward takes care of everything. There is no need to put in any work to find customers when the customers find what they want after discovering a business following a quick search on their phones or personal computers.

What's unique to LeadsForward clients that can't be found with other lead generation companies is the opportunity to work together to get organic, natural, live leads. They don't develop websites that aren't going to perform because that's a waste of time and resources for everyone that's involved. The LeadsForward team doesn't work solely to increase their own revenue. They want every solar company that they are working with to see results. The only way to get results is by being seen. The only way to be noticed is to become a solar company that stands out above the rest of the competition by being listed first. Instead of paying for leads or getting recycled leads that other solar companies have already had access to, they provide real-time live leads. LeadsForward clients typically see leads that start within just a day or two after the new site gets launched.

Another highlight coming from LeadsForward for every solar company is a long-standing relationship. They have a complete grasp on how advanced solar technologies are, and how quickly they can change. The team doesn't only set up complete websites with all the information potential leads want to see before turning into live customers. They continue to work on it to ensure it's up-to-date and still performing at an optimum level. Even after the site is up and in the number one spot on Google and other search engines, the enthusiastic professionals behind the scenes at LeadsForward don't quit. They continue to update and make any necessary improvements to ensure that the company stays in the leading position. It's the only way that's proven to continue to get results over an extended period.

Clients that have worked with LeadsForward in the past have nothing but positive things to say about working with this particular lead generation company. Solar installation contractors don't have the time or resources to worry about the technical side of SEO, web design, email marketing, online advertising, and social media. With their passion and drive for wanting to help people, LeadsForward adds value to turning leads into revenue, not just focusing on getting a bigger following online.

For all solar companies that are looking for a natural, healthy, organic approach to getting highly ranked, LeadsForward has the tools, methods, and resources required to make it happen. They aren't going to collect a monthly retainer to get you leads that go nowhere. The team is always open and available for communication and willing to go the extra mile to get the results that other lead generation companies just can't compete with.

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About LeadsForward

LeadsForward is a local SEO agency with over 10 years of experience in working with solar companies and other motivated contractors to get high-quality leads that transform into paying customers. They are passionate about giving their clients a 100% ROI in 12 months or less, proving that they are committed. LeadsForward is a unique local SEO company because they don't ask for any money other than a small startup fee. It's only after the results that are being pursued start converting into sales that they collect. The team specializes in working together to create strong lead generation websites that highlight local SEO for solar companies and contractors with social media accounts, ads, and email marketing.

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