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Neurodegenerative Disease: Jorge Marquez Explains How the Right Diet and Supplements Can Help Protect the Brain

Jorge Plaza Marquez

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2019 / -- "While no one wants to get sick or suffer from a chronic illness, the unfortunate reality is that many people will have to battle cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cognitive disorders and other ailments in their lifetime." Said Jorge Plaza Marquez. "If you ask the majority of people what state of illness worries them most, you will hear a resounding answer —Alzheimer's (Dementia) or other neurodegenerative disorders. Two of the primary neurodegenerative disorders are Dementia and Parkinson's disease."

A diet high in antioxidants is critical for neuroprotection. Foods like fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, ancient grains, legumes, garlic, cold-water fish, and eggs are the key to keeping you healthy overall.

Neurodegenerative disease states are typically caused by inflammation in the body. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are well known for their capability as a potent anti-inflammatory. Creatine has proven to show signs of neuroprotective properties, as well as CoQ10. B vitamins are continually touted for their effect on protecting specific areas of the brain, as well as vitamin C. Green tea, curcumin, ginger, and garlic all have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in both supplement form and whole food form.

Warding off Neurodegenerative Disorders
Eating a nutritious diet, such as the Mediterranean, Paleo, or Dash diet, provides essential nutrients for the brain's health. There have also been many studies on high doses of IV vitamin C and antioxidant therapy that helps to protect cognition. Adding supplements to your routine is beneficial to make sure you're getting all of the valuable sources that your diet may lack.

Jorge Plaza Marquez continued, "Staying social is also an impactful method to keeping your brain active. Along with socialization, staying physically active is imperative to keeping your oxygen-rich blood pumping and warding off disease states."

Jorge Plaza Marquez recommends starting your day with a berry smoothie made out of organic blueberries and blackberry, coconut water, ginger, turmeric and a half of a banana. For lunch and dinner, he believes that eating lean protein such as shellfish, finfish, or chicken are excellent options, and pairing those with greens or other low-glycemic vegetables is vital.

Health and Wellness Enthusiast, Jorge Plaza Marquez, doesn't claim to be an expert or a professional guru, but he does have a serious passion for all things relating to living a healthier lifestyle. With all of the contradictory information on how to live your best life with optimal health, deciding who to trust or follow can be confusing, but Jorge Marquez wants you to find what works best for your personal needs, just as he's discovered for himself over the years.

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