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“The Clog Dawg” Hydro-Jetting Service Saves Homeowners Money, Time, Trouble, and Worry

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The Clog Dawg

Don’t Get “Snaked” When Drains Clog; Hydro-Jetting Services from The Clog Dawg Plumbing Perform Cleaner, Faster, and Better

We believe in delivering the best you can get in customer service and we pride ourselves on our budget friendly pricing scale.”
— Stephen Douglass
MARIETTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2019 / -- When a drain clogs up, it’s much more than the water that comes to a halt. If you’re relying on that sink, bathtub, shower, or other drain, your whole life can feel stopped up.

But that’s no reason to get that drain unclogged in a way that’s going to cause more problems and cost more money in the future.

Pipe Cleaning Technologies

Over the years, plumbers have devised three main ways to clear out a clogged drain: Snaking, Rotation Clearing, and Hydro-Jetting. Here’s a brief explanation of each one:

Snaking to clear a drain is a technique that forces a set of curved blades along the length of the clogged pipe. When the blades reach the clog, they are intended to break it up into pieces small enough to be flushed down the pipe, leaving it relatively clear.

Snakes are usually made from metal wires tightly wound up, something like a spring. The blades are inserted into the pipe and then turned around and around via the snake itself – sometimes by hand and sometimes by motor. Although the emphasis here is on vigorously pushing the snake down the pipe, the turning motion helps the blades find their way along the pipe length and around its many corners and joints.

Snaking is easy, but it’s not entirely effective. For one thing, it does little to remove the built-up material that collects along the whole length of the pipe’s interior. This means that Snaking a wall-to-wall clog may do nothing but punch a small hole in whatever is stopping the water. This leaves a situation in which the drain may clog up again very quickly.

Even worse, the blades and the force of the snake itself can damage the pipe – particularly plastic ones, causing even bigger and more expensive problems than the original clog.

Rotation Clearing (popularly called “roto-rooting” or some other name with the word “root” in it) is simply a more powerful form of snaking. However, Rotation Clearing puts much greater emphasis on the rotation. The motor is much more powerful than a Snake’s motor, and the heavier blades will do more than just punch a small hole in a wall-to-wall clog. They are designed to expand to the full width of the pipe’s interior and remove the entire clog. In most cases, they can also chop through thick obstructions anchored by tree roots growing inside your drain (hence the name “rooter”).

As with Snaking, Rotation Clearing will not scour the interior of the pipe to remove all built-up material, and it also puts a strain on the pipe material. But because of its greater power, Rotation Clearing results in even greater strain and can cause even greater pipe damage.

Hydro-Jetting is the name for an entirely different pipe cleaning process. Instead of a metal snake, Hydro-Jetting inserts a flexible hose into the pipe. And instead of metal blades, Hydro-Jetting uses high pressure water both to pull the hose along the length of the pipe and to scour the interior of the pipe very clean.

The hose carries water from a high-pressure pump. The water is directed by a fitting on the end of the hose to spray water back the way it came. The result is these jets of water pull the hose farther into the pipe, and also provide a flow of water to wash all the loosened debris down into the sewer.

Hydro-Jetting has been shown by The Clog Dawg Plumbing to effectively wash away all the build-up in drains, whether grease, minerals, hair, dirt, food waste, or any other material – including tree roots.

What’s more, Hydro-Jetting subjects your pipes only to the internal water pressures it was originally designed to handle, so it’s very unlikely to cause any special damage unless the walls of your pipes were nearly rusted through before the clog developed.

Although other methods of unblocking drains can initially be effective in unclogging your pipe, your drain may re-clog quite soon after you pay for these types of remedies, simply because of the residue they leave on the walls of your pipes.

Since Hydro-Jetting does the most complete job of scouring the inside of your pipes, there’s very little chance of your drain re-clogging from the materials and build-up that Snaking and Rotation Clearing would have left behind.

Why Rely On The Clog Dawg Plumbing in Marietta?

Although it’s obvious that Hydro-Jetting is a superior approach to drain cleaning, in practice it’s not as simple and easy as you may think. Hydro-Jetting actually requires some highly specialized skills that you cannot expect every plumber to have mastered.

And while Hydro-Jetting machines are available for rental, their use by inexperienced people – yes, that includes do-it-yourselfers and ambitious handyman / home-owners – is not recommended.

With the high pressures involved and the intricacies of modern plumbing, Hydro-Jetting is best left to the hands of skilled and experienced crews like those you will find working at The Clog Dawg Plumbing.

The Clog Dawg Plumbing employs highly trained and conscientious experts who have seen it all, done it all, and handled it all – before they ever get to your home. This means that when they arrive at your home to remove a clog, they will do it quickly, safely, and completely on the very first visit. You will not have to worry about pipe damage, partial solutions, re-clogging episodes, or unexpected difficulties that inevitably bring increased charges.

The Clog Dawg Plumbing is on call, right now, to serve customers anywhere in Cobb County and the North Atlanta metropolitan area.

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