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ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2019 / -- “It was Theodore Roosevelt who said, “Don’t give me problems, give me only solutions.” I’m the same way. I find a solution for everything. I never see a problem. …I’ve always been that way.” - Rhea Stathatos

IKOS MANAGEMENT LLC, a women-owned and operated business, run by Flerida Santana-Johnas, Rhea Stathatos and Adela Bazenikas aligned with a growing network of forward movers, with the common goal of economic development for Albany, NY, like: Upstate New York Black Chamber of Commerce, set out to identify and tap into the resources the city has to offer, it's real estate. Backed by York Funding LLC, Ikos, zeroed in on the Center Square Neighborhood for its first development project. At their newly restored property on 166 Washington Avenue, Ikos and the Chamber worked tirelessly to bring some of the key 'who's who' to the table to hear their concerns, flesh out solutions, and speak to the mission of transforming the area into the 'work-live-play' community it could be. By making use of the resources and infrastructure already in place, engaging more of the local laborers, developing more spaces for business and entertainment, and taking advantage of the available housing stock, the sentiment is that it would make the city the "goto hub" for opportunity and sustainable growth. Their first project, the proposed Center Square Neighborhood 19 unit building to go up on Spring Street, as part of the solution, played a major role in the overall presentation.

Santana Johnas from Ikos states "the difference between thriving community and a blighted community centers on its ability to address issues and concerns before they become problems". In their endeavors to support a thriving community, the Ikos team set out to equip themselves with the knowledge of the community needs to create a series of ‘win-win’ ventures. Noting an active neighborhood association and various stakeholders, Ikos stated that it’s going to take a meeting of the minds where all parties concerned would come to the table to represent their roles in the community. “Oftentimes people see disagreements within a community as problematic, it is actually the opposite... And although we all may have different approaches in economic development, we share the same goal - sustainability and thriving community,” says Santana-Johnas. Stathatos reinforced, “As much as I am for the community, I am for business. I want to make money for me, my investors, and for my community.” Positive attributes were identified as an indication that the stakeholders are willing and able to represent their community, not shrinking back from maintaining a standard of living and accountability to protect their homes and enterprises from negative impact. Ikos, which means ‘Home’, is committed to building a 'hyper'-local opportunity-accessible platform through their projects where you see the locals at work building the place they are proud to call "ikos". This is what drives economy.

IKOS MANAGEMENT LLC's philosophy of seeing what is local through the lens of the locals informs their actions. By reaching out to UpState New York Black Chamber of Commerce CEO, Anthony Gaddy and COO, Jahkeen Hoke, for their insight and critical connections with key community leadership and stakeholders, local business professionals, and local media, Ikos was able to forge new community-focused relationships and better understand the lay of the land, and the opportunities for better sustainable profitability. By purchasing their first Washington Avenue property through local rising star real estate agent Anton Pasquill, who played an integral role in writing Albany's zoning code, they got first-hand experience of how beneficial it is to do business in Albany.

IKOS MANAGEMENT LLC is comprised of Flerida Santana-Johnas, Rhea Stathatos, and Adela Bazenikas. Flerida Santana-Johnas — serial entrepreneur, best selling author, international speaker, trainer, real estate owner, developer, and investor with over 20 years experience in the real estate industry. Rhea Stathatos — real estate owner, funder, developer, investor, and managing partner of York Funding with over 20 years of experience oversees the implementation and management of turnaround strategies at York Funding LLC.

To learn more about Albany NY, join us on August 13, 2019 3:30pm pst. for a live interview with IKOS Management founders.

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