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Supporting a Loved One When They Are Struck by a Medical Condition or Undergoing Surgery, advice from Dr. Tansar Mir

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar Mir operating on a patient in a publicized case, photograph by Susan Watts, New York Daily News

Dr Tansar Mir operating on a patient in a publicized case, photograph by Susan Watts, New York Daily News

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar Mir, New York, on television show The Doctors

Dr Tansar N Mir, New York, on Dr Oz Show

Dr Tansar N Mir, New York, on Dr Oz Show

Website of Dr Tansar N Mir, New York

Website of Dr Tansar N Mir, New York

If someone close to you is undergoing surgery or some other medical treatment, you can provide support. In his new article, Dr. Tansar Mir explains.

The most common complaint of patients suffering from serious illnesses – especially when they are of advanced age – is that they feel lonely during appointments. ”
— Dr. Tansar Mir, Plastic Surgeon in New York
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2019 / -- Regardless of how severe the medical issue may be, dealing with surgery or illnesses can be difficult. In this day and age, surgery, diseases, conditions, and illnesses are generally not only associated with tremendous amounts of pain anymore, but medical issues can be emotionally and psychologically draining. Add to that the fact that most treatments today are quite costly.

But if someone close to you is undergoing surgery or some other medical treatment, there is something you can do to lend support. To explain, medical doctor and surgeon Tansar Mir, MD has published an informational article on this subject in an easy-to-understand way. The complete article will be published on the Blog of Dr. Mir at

Having a loved one undergoing surgery or being struck by a serious disease can be incredibly exhausting for a number of different reasons. Not only is your mind constantly racing at how the treatment will progress, but you’re also left wondering about all the possibilities and the different ways in which you can offer your love and support to your friends and family in testing times.

Since we understand that you might not be able to think straight when your loved ones are undergoing medical treatment, we’ve got the perfect list of things to do in order to support your friends and family when they are in need.

Interested in learning how you can offer support to your loved one? Read on to find out as we tell you the best and most thoughtful ways in which you can show your love and support.

Accept the situation

If you’re like most people, you might have a hard time wrapping your head around the fact that your loved one may not be in the best of health for the next few weeks. With that said, however, accepting the situation and coming to terms with the fact that your loved ones are going through a tough time is the best way to ensure that you’ll be able to provide them with the support and love that they need during a difficult phase in their lives. If you’re too preoccupied with worrying about all that could have been done to prevent such a situation from arising in the first place, chances are that you won’t be able to provide your friends or family with the love and support that they need most when they are suffering from a serious illness, condition or disease. By accepting the situation, you will essentially divert your focus on ways to be there for them and cater to their every need when they are going through physical and emotional distress.

Show them unconditional love

The psychological aspect of serious and life-threatening diseases can never be emphasized enough. While most patients at some point or the other begin to feel like they are burdening their friends and loved ones, this especially holds true for patients who are suffering from serious diseases and may be bedridden.

If your loved one is struck by a serious disease and needs your help and assistance with even the most basic of activities or tasks such as walking to the front door or eating, showing them unconditional love is your best bet. Since it is easy for patients to feel like they are troubling those around them too much, or that you do not want to spend time with them any longer, showing your sick friends and family unconditional love in these testing times is your best bet to ensure that they do not only feel valued, but also know that they have a support system that they can count on when the going gets tough.

Whether you can help out by preparing health and nutritional meals at home or making handmade heartfelt cards, it is important to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making your loved one feel better.

Give them company

The most common complaint of patients suffering from serious illnesses – especially when they are on the older side – is that they feel lonely during appointments. Being there for your loved one during their appointments when doctors are breaking the worst of news to them or providing them with action plans for treatment and regaining stability in life is one of the best ways of showing that you care. Accompanying your loved ones on their doctor’s appointments also helps you give off positive vibes and show them that they are not alone. By being there with your ill friend or family member, you can also help them believe that they have a strong support system that will always be there for them no matter what.

Monitor their health

While your loved one with a serious illness or medical condition might have a team of healthcare professionals or doctors keeping a close eye on their case, keeping track of their health and monitoring it in any way possible is a great way to show your love and support. Often, patients can get agitated about the fact that their loved ones are not in sight when they are being injected, having blood drawn, or being provided with pill after pill to gulp down. This is exactly why you should make it a point to keep track of the medications and health status of your loved one to ensure that they feel like they are still important to you. One thing, however, that it is important to note that in serious scenarios, doctors might not grant you permission to take things in your own hands since that could cause problems. Should that be the case, it is important to respect the decision and authority of the doctor or other medical professionals and continue to offer support in other ways.

Help out with finances

As mentioned earlier, treatments for serious illnesses can cause a fortune. Needless to say, patients are often distressed worrying about their financial situation and how they’ll be able to cope with all of the medical bills. For this reason, it is important to help out with the medical expenses of the patient in any way possible to ensure that they know that they are covered and don’t have one extra thing to worry about.

Dr. Tansar Naveed Mir

Dr. Tansar N. Mir is a plastic & reconstructive surgeon in New York. Dr. Mir received his Doctorate of Medicine with Recognition in Research from the State University of New York at Stony Brook School of Medicine after graduating from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience. Dr. Mir completed his internship and residency in General Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY and his residency/fellowship in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery with the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group through Nassau University Medical Center. Dr. Mir is a double board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


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