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Why should I Rent a Car in Santorini to visit the most popular places?







Why should I Rent a Car in Santorini to visit the most popular places? At Santorini Car Rental you can choose the car that suits you best to explore Santorini.

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SANTORINI, SANTORINI, GREECE, July 26, 2019 / -- The island of Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It combines natural beauty, archaeological interest, well-known Greek tradition and, of course, Mediterranean cuisine!

Keep in mind that Santorini Rent a car seems to be the best way to see around the island. Take advantage of our offers and discounts! Renting a car from the port of Santorini is compulsory if you want to see its beauty to the fullest!
Rent a Car in Santorini to visit the most popular places

After renting a car, there are many sites to see, so make sure your tank is filled with gas and then navigate to all the places you want!

1. Oia

Just 19 km from the port of Santorini, with a rented car, you will need almost 35 minutes to reach Oia where you will see a sunset that you will never forget!

This notorious sunset attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year, as well as locals who choose to visit Oia when the sun sets! At some point in your life, you have definitely seen this famous sunset in postcards or travel agencies that mention Oia in almost every list of the top 10 attractions!

2. Fira

Fira is just 8.5km from the harbor and 12km from Oia, which means that a rented car can take you to Fira in about 20 minutes! Why go to Fira?

At a distance of 250 meters from the sea, Fira looks like they climb the hill, dressed in a festive white uniform, conquering the enthusiasm of millions of tourists every summer! Definitely a car stop that is worth doing!

3. Firostefani

From the moment you plan to visit Fira, it will be naive not to travel 500 meters further, towards the beautiful Firostefani. You will reach this quiet village in a 5-minute drive.

It took its nameas it is a continuation of Fira and remains one of the best stops in the list of all visitors! The view to the Caldera is incomparable, with the rock at your feet making the heart beat by excitement!

In Firostefani you will also find some of the best restaurants and taverns on the island.

4. Ammoudi

The car you rented from Santorini Port Car Rental will get a rest here! In Oia, it is strongly advised to go to the bay of Ammoudi, a picturesque little harbor. The only way to get there is to climb 214 steps, or have a donkey to lift you up.

There is certainly no rental car here! The bay at Ammoudi is surrounded by the steep cliffs of Oia, thus offering stunning views of both Oia and the glorious sunset!

5. New Kameni

The locals call it "the volcano" and visitors have it on the list to see it long before they arrive. Nea Kameni is the middle of the three small islands that saw the eruption of the volcano and the largest crater called Daphne.

You can walk around the crater and see all kinds of rock colors that make up a unique life experience. The only way to go is with a boat, so you do not need GPS here!

At Santorini Car Rental you can choose the car that suits your vacation best so that you can explore the magnificent island of Santorini!
Why choose Santorini Rent a Car?

Some companies require a full prepayment for your car rental, and they will not accept a change in your arrival or drop off time, or location. So what happens if for example your flight or boat is late? Will you lose your money?

That is not an issue when you book with us. We monitor flights and ferries, so even if there is a delay, we shall be there for you, on time, even if you are not able to inform us in advance. You don’t need to prepay for your car rental with us either.

Have you noticed that most websites are nothing but automated booking tools? What happens if you need to ask something? What if you need to talk to someone? Feel free to ask us anything, by just calling us, or sending us an email. We also offer 24hr help line and road assistance for our clients on the road.
When you book with Santorini Car Rental, our people will escort you to your rental car when you arrive, and will show you the basic functions, that nowadays are not the same in all vehicles. It’s important that you get familiar with the car before you start.

When you rent a car, you usually have to go to the company’s office to pick up the car you rented. We, at Santorini Car Rental, deliver and collect our cars, at Santorini airport, Santorini port, or directly at your hotel and of course, free of charge.
How to pay at Santorini Rent a Car?

Don’t have a credit card? Don’t worry! You can use your debit card instead!

Have you seen our rates? Feel free to enter your dates in our system, just to check the rates and our Santorini Car Rental special offers. You could always book later!

Santorini Rent a Car provide customers with information

When you visit a new place, like Santorini for your vacation, you cannot always be sure about where to go or how far it might be so we, at Santorini Rent a Car, provide all the necessary information to our customers to have a great vacation!

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