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Ontario's Worst and Best Cities based on driving records revealed, new 2019 study ranks the cities based on tickets and collisions of its hometown drivers

/EIN News/ -- TORONTO, July 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ontario’s overall worst cities for drivers with a ticket, collision, or a combination of the two are Orangeville, Bradford, and Woodstock, while the province’s best are North York, Toronto, and East York, according to a new study from Using insurance quotes from 2018 and 2019, analysts from looked at the details entered by car insurance shoppers to calculate the highest averages in three categories: tickets, at-fault collisions, or both, on a driver’s record. These are infractions and collisions that drivers admitted having while comparing quotes and could have occurred in their hometown or anywhere their travels have taken them.

Among the key findings:

  • Approximately 3.5 percent of Ontario drivers admit to having at least one at-fault crash and one ticket on their record. Orangeville drivers top the list for this category at 9.4 percent, followed by Bradford and Sault Ste. Marie at 8.4 percent.
  • On average, 6.9 percent of drivers in the province admit to having at least one ticket on their driving record; however, drivers from Caledon report in at 15 percent and Orangeville at 13.2 percent.
  • While 8.9 percent of Ontario drivers admit to having been involved in a collision in the last 10 years, 13.6 percent of drivers from Woodstock report they have had a crash.

“By looking at driving patterns across Ontario, we wanted to remind Canadians that a driving record is a significant factor in determining insurance premiums,” said Anne Marie Thomas, “Even one collision or ticket on your record can increase premiums by as much as five percent for one minor ticket and 30 percent for one accident.”

To identify the best and worst cities for driving in Ontario, assigned a grade to each locale in the province. The grades are based on the increased—or decreased—likelihood of the drivers in the city reporting they have tickets, crashes, or both on their record.

Top 10 Worst Cities in Ontario for Driving

City/Town Grade
Orangeville D
Bradford D
Woodstock D
Sault Ste. Marie D
Brantford D
Orillia D
Thunder Bay C
St. Thomas C
Caledon C
Barrie C

“Ontarians with poor driving history usually pay high insurance rates,” said Thomas. “And, these high rates will affect them for years to come.”

Top 10 Best Cities in Ontario for Driving

City/Town Grade
North York A
Toronto A
East York A
Etobicoke A
Mississauga A
Brampton A
Scarborough A
York A
Thornhill A
Oakville A

Key Takeaways for Drivers in Ontario

  • Location, insurance history, the type of car driven, and a person’s driving record are key factors in determining auto insurance rates.
  • Traffic ticket convictions affect insurance rates for at least three years and accidents stay on record for at least six.
  • Ontarians should compare quotes each year to ensure they are getting the best car insurance rates available.
  • Insurance companies calculate their rates differently, meaning that a change in a driver’s record might affect which insurer is the right one for them.

About the Study
Collision and ticket data are based on the details entered by shoppers getting Ontario auto insurance quotes at from January 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019. To be included in the study a minimum of 1,000 quotes for each community were required.

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