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Private Non-Profits Are Succeeding - Government Programs Are Failing

Humanitarian organizations provide employment, education, nutrition & social services

Despite external disadvantages, I grew up in a nurturing household and supportive public educational system. I’ve devoted my adult life to repaying both by helping all of those in need.”
— Dr. Norman Quintero

TUSTIN, CA, US, July 24, 2019 / -- By any Quality of Life index, when compared to other developed nations around the world, the U.S. continues to achieve substantially less results with substantially more resources. Charged with serving millions of the population’s most vulnerable, state, local and federal agencies employ upwards of 25 million people and expend well over $1 trillion dollars each year. Despite the massive manpower, technology and wealth available to the richest country in the world, our politicians and bureaucracies in the 21st Century continue to regress rather than progress in their Constitutional and moral obligations to “promote the general welfare” among, “We the People of the United States”.

The international standing of our healthcare, education, nutrition, environmental protections and poverty levels rank in the mid-80 percentile – a mediocre “B” by any metric. Domestically, there are 100’s of locales throughout the country where unemployment is 30% to 65% higher than the national average. Increasingly, private community organizations and dedicated individual humanitarians are filling the void among “big name” charities and “big government”.

One notable success story can be found in Perris, CA. Within an hour’s drive from the affluence of Los Angeles and San Diego, the relatively small city continues to advance despite sharing the struggles of its metropolitan neighbors. The majority of the citizenry speaks English as a second language and is on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. The challenges are more concentrated among the fewer opportunities and smaller tax base. The achievements of the past decade, since the Great Recession, are due to the people such as Dr. Norman Quintero and charitable organizations such as NQR, Corp. With a focus on those “at-risk” individuals and families – the homeless, the unemployed, the hungry, veterans, those in need of physical or mental healthcare … “Dr. Norman” and his programs have offered help to those in need for decades, internationally and from Puerto Rico to the Pacific Ocean.

The most recent addition to his philanthropic accomplishments is NQR, Corp’s second CA facility in the town of Perris, scheduled to open in December of 2019. In supplement to his pastoral duties as founder of the non-denominational Iglesia Getsemani and a practicing mental health professional, “Dr. Norman” has recently announced the development of a 15,000+ square foot complex in what he considers to be his “second-hometown”. Additional to a sanctuary, a dining room serving hot meals daily and retail space for local merchants, the property will offer career training curricula.

In an impromptu press conference last week, his passion and enthusiasm for the project was best summed-up: “Despite external disadvantages, I grew up in a nurturing household and supportive public educational system. I’ve devoted my adult life to repaying both by helping all of those in need. I’m blessed by the opportunity to transcend borders, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for my local community.”

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