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Gary DeWaard Shares the Latest News Surrounding the Director’s Cut of the Justice League Film of 2017

FOREST CITY, IOWA, USA, July 11, 2019 / -- Hollywood fanatic Gary DeWaard keeps his readers informed of all the latest industry news as well as provides them insightful film reviews. An avid fan of the Warner Bros. (WB) DC Universe, he discusses the latest news surrounding the infamous director’s cut from 2017’s Justice League film below.

Zack Snyder helmed a handful of beloved comic book films such as Watchmen and 300 before taking on the DC universe for WB. It began with his 2013 movie Man of Steel which shed new light and a fresh perspective on the decades-old Superman storyline.

The film was a critical and commercial success, and Snyder was praised for his work on the classic superhero’s backstory. His choice as the lead filmmaker behind the expanding DC universe was considered an ideal pairing by many.

“Snyder, who was already known for his visionary filmmaking, brought a fresh take on the Superman origin story,” says Gary DeWaard. “His casting was spot on and people were genuinely excited to see where he would lead the heroes of the DC universe to next.”

In 2016, Zack Snyder released Batman vs. Superman, his follow up film to Man of Steel, which saw the two superheroes face off against each other and against some of DC’s most notorious villains. The movie also introduced the world to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman who currently sits on top of the throne of female superheroes.

2017’s Justice League was meant to simultaneously conclude the original trilogy origin story of the superheroes’ uniting and begin the next trilogy that would continue with Justice League 2 and a mysterious follow-up film.

“However, the mixed critical reception around BvS made the production studio uneasy with Snyder’s filmmaking decisions,” says Gary DeWaard. “He supposedly only made it so far into the production of Justice League before being forced to step away because of a family tragedy.”

Others speculated that he was let go from the project due to disagreements behind the scenes. Regardless, Avengers director Joss Whedon stepped in to finish up the film, and while early reports mentioned only small changes, the 3.5 hour runtime was immediately trimmed down to a measly two hours. When the film released, it was clear the tone and characteristics from Snyder’s worked were replaced with a more washed out and bland vision. Snyder was dismissed from future movies and Justice League went on to be the DC Universe’s biggest flop to date.

Since it released, many team members behind Snyder’s film have come forward with screenshots, drawings, and new details about what was meant to be. Besides a longer background story for Cyborg and a lot less CGI on Superman’s face (a massive post-production problem), it was recently revealed the main antagonist of the overarching story, Darkseid, played a much larger role in Snyder’s Justice League to many fans intense excitement.

“I still believe there’s hope that audiences may get to see Snyder’s original version of Justice League one day,” says Gary DeWaard, “especially now with WB’s recent transition to a new CEO and HBO’s release of their Max streaming service which highlights the film.”

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