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New National Holiday ALERT: Get To The Water DAY! A day of “Good Clean Fun” with an environmental purpose.

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Get To The Water DAY Observance day - July 20, 2019

Observance day - July 20, 2019

Example of Example of what Get To The Water all about!

Example of what it's all about!

I created Get To The Water DAY to promote fun times while doing something awesome for the environment!

If everyone did this simple rewarding task on Get To The Water DAY, we would see a dramatic difference in our beaches, lakes, and rivers. With awareness we can make this great cause an everyday event.”
— Charles Mazzini

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, July 9, 2019 / -- With summer here, Get To The Water® founder, Charles Mazzini, wants to give back to the environment in a big a really big way! He has started a new national holiday called Get To The Water DAY™.

This holiday is all about family, friends and a great cause that promotes water clean up efforts in what he calls, "Good Clean Fun". Mazzini wants to organize hundreds of thousands of people nationwide to follow and promote this great National Holiday and what it represents. The concept is actually very simple, yet profoundly impactful.
So what’s “Good Clean Fun”?
It’s simple! Get to the water and while you’re visiting, pick up trash wherever you see it. If you visit the beach, lake or river, simply pick up trash in the area. It is estimated 100 million people visit beaches, lakes, and rivers each year. If each person picked up only 1lb of trash while visiting these beautiful waters, we would collectively clear 100 million pounds of trash each year.

By simply making everyone aware of this day, it could transform our waters and teach all of us to do this every day when we visit the water, not just on Get To The Water Day. Parents can also teach their kids to have good clean fun! It’s a win, win for everyone and the environment.

The Mission: Their mission is to raise public awareness of the importance that we can collectively make by being conscientious of cleaning up the areas of water that we visit.

The Vision: They envision organizing thousands of cleanup groups nationwide that recruits millions of volunteers to clean up waters in their own communities on this national holiday. In doing so, this will bring awareness to everyone to do this each time they visit the waters and not just on this national holiday. This will transform our beaches, lakes, rivers, bayous, and streams into clean beautiful areas that we can all enjoy year around.

The Founder of Get To The Water Day, Charles Mazzini, states: “I created Get To The Water DAY to promote fun times while doing something awesome for the environment! I was taught to do this by my parents at an early age. Each time we visited the beaches in Galveston, Texas my parents would pick up any trash that was around us on the beach. They never told us to do it but by observing them, my 3 brothers and I began picking up trash each time we saw some on the beach. As I grew older and visited the beach with my friends, I would pick up trash while we threw a frisbee or fished. My friends would sometimes ask, “What are you doing?” and I would simply reply, “I’m picking up trash. I always pick up trash when I visit the beach”. Without asking them to do it, I noticed they too began picking up trash. After that, each time we visited the beach we would all pick up trash subconsciously without even talking about it. I think that happened to my brothers and I as kids and my friends later on in life, because deep within us all we know we are part of nature and want to do what’s best for nature. Unfortunately, many people are not taught to do something so simple yet profoundly powerful for our environment. If everyone did this simple rewarding task on Get To The Water DAY, we would see a dramatic difference in our beaches, lakes, and rivers. In addition, it would encourage others watching us pick up trash to begin doing the same. Over time, we could make this great cause an everyday event while visiting our beautiful waters.”

Get To The Water DAY will be observed annually on the 3 Saturday of July. This year it will fall on July 20th, 2019.

Here are some of the ways to get involved:
Contact them to start your own community Facebook group >
Get your high school and college involved and contact them to start a Facebook group >
Support the cause by buying a t-shirt. All profits go directly to water clean up efforts >

When a community starts a group that has more than 100 clean-up volunteers, Get To The Water will support the group by purchasing trash bags, gloves, refreshments, and other items to support the group's clean-up efforts.

While there are many great clean-up organizations, this is the first that is attempting to organize the nation on performing cleanup efforts by teaching awareness to everyone on how such a small task can collectively have a huge impact on our environment. We applaud Mr. Mazzini and his company, Get To The Water, for creating such a wonderful cause and movement. It seems all of us should get involved in this Good Clean Fun!

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Example of what Get To The Water DAY is all about.