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Fran Briggs Releases The Best of Summer Reading, 2019

Fran Briggs, American Journalist

Fran Briggs, American Journalist

List put the spotlight on a select few of talented and distinguished authors from the U.S.A., Canada, and the U.K.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2019 / -- American Journalist, Fran Briggs announced her picks for the best among summer reading this morning. The annual list is organized by title, publisher, author, a short synopsis of the book, and a link for additional information and purchase.

Readers can look forward to being entertained and moved by thoroughly-developed plots, and action-provoking, thoughts. Genres include romance, humor, children's, non-fiction, Christian and science-fiction. The selections showcase originality, creativity, impact and influence.

“The Best of Summer Reading" helps enthusiastic readers make quality decisions as it pertains to their reading choices--especially considering the innumerable choices on the market," explained Briggs. "The reading list is worthwhile and generates an enormous amount of exposure for each author."

Readers can expect to take a journey to an exotic country; come face-to-face with forces of nature; add to their intellect, and more. Fran Briggs added that the books not only promote literacy, but showcase the talents of ten authors from the U.S.A. to the U.K. who are capturing the attention of readers, worldwide.

Below are the 10 picks. The numerical order does not coincide with ranking.

1. The Sheila Anthony Shaw Story Story (HS Mercy Publishing) by Sheila Anthony Shaw An unceremonious year as a California beauty queen; a duel with a heartless doctor who needlessly tries to remove her reproduction organs, driving alone across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge without being able to use the gas, or brake pedals, and more. The author masters every challenge that comes her way.

2. Morocco or Bust August '69 (ADS, LLC) by Michael Rowland
Sometimes, someone comes along to repair and restore the damage someone else has caused.

3. Happy Harry Gets His First Haircut (Fallon Ward) by Fallon Ward
The journey with a little boy name Harry through the brave process of getting his first haircut.

4. Arise From The Ashes (Thy Word Publisher) by Paulette Harper
Seven women. Seven stories. One Jesus.

5. The Crazy World of Alexa by E'yannie Gomez
Publisher: ( The Crazy World of Alexa is a colorful array of short stories inspired by the true-life, events of a young author.

6. "Within Lies Hope" (Nook Press) by James H Bloom Start each day with a powerful dose of knowledge and inspiration to claim your inner strength. Move through fear, into self-acceptance and love.

7. Teele and Guba's Exciting Escapades Through STEM (Amazon Create Space) by Dimitra J. Smith
children experience interesting and exciting escapades and adventures as they learn about the different activities that can do when they learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

8. After the Innocence is Gone (G3 Publishing) by Sonja Babino
The author's personal story of surviving a traumatic childhood experience that sent her on a downward spiral during her teenaged years.

9. "The Autobiography of an Execution" (Twelve) by David R. Dow
A riveting memoir by an intelligent and feeling attorney whose clients are on death row.

10. Love and Law (Personal Freedom Publishing) by Vivian Gale
The first of a three-part series entitled, “Sitting in the Car with God.”

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