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5 Things to look for during today’s media briefing on an update on the legalization and regulation of cannabis

/EIN News/ -- OTTAWA, June 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At 12:30 pm EST today, Health Canada will provide an update on the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada. The new legislation will make it legal to purchase edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and topicals for consumption this fall.

Here are five things to look for or ask about during today’s media briefing:

  1. What the THC limit in a single serving of an edible or extract is.

  2. What types of products will be available for purchase. 

  3. How edible cannabis products will be packaged.

  4. How will they be packaged and what will be included on the product labels.

  5. Will any of the products appeal to children, and if so what safety measures will Health Canada impose to help reduce risk.

CSSA is available to assist in sharing knowledge with the public. After today’s technical briefing, CCSA experts are available to speak with you about:

  • The regulations outlined during the briefing

  • Potential public health implications associated with these new cannabis products

  • The differences between edible cannabis, extracts and topicals

  • How to lower your risk if you choose to use these new cannabis products 

  • The differences between inhaling and consuming cannabis

  • Lessons we have learned from places like Colorado and Washington when they have already legalized and regulated edible cannabis products

In the months leading up to the legalization and regulation of these new cannabis products, CCSA will be releasing a series of new public education resources about the new cannabis products. These new resources will include information about the associated health risks, the differences between ingesting and inhaling cannabis products, and how to safely store your cannabis, as well as harm reduction strategies for how to lower your risk if you choose to use these products. 

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