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Intuitive, Exorcist, and Cult Rescuer Laverne Denyer to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2019 / -- It's truly amazing how vulnerable we are and yet how strong we are when we choose to be. We're delicate and resilient at the same time.

We all share a desire for a happier life and understanding of why we are here, who we are, what we hope to be and how we can get there, but we're hardwired to find a way to make sense of our world and interpret it according to what we believe. Our idealism can lead us to reject societal conventions and emotional upheaval can leave us vulnerable to potentially dangerous solutions.

Laverne Denyer is a psychic and medical intuitive, author, exorcist and cult rescuer. She uses all her intuition and skills to help people get beyond the pain that brought them to this dilemma.

“It’s about their truth, their understanding,” says Denyer. “Together, we walk them from guilt and hatred to pride and joy. That is a magnificent change. That's what I endeavor to help people to do. I'm a health facilitator. People either reject it or they are ready and allow it to create something new.”

After years of research and holistic practice, Denyer created a textbook for the physical and energetic components of a living body titled Living Energy Systems, which is being republished and will be available through Hay House and Balboa Press. Denyer is also working on the upcoming release of her newest book Ghosts, Demons, and Other Nasties.

According to Denyer, energy can be used for good or evil, pain or joy. She’s learned how and when to look beyond the physical.

“A woman came to me who was in a Satanic cult,” recalls Denyer. “She finally realized it was wrong and she was terrified. She asked me, "Can you help me get away from them? I can't do it on my own.’ I worked with her, I asked others to send her energies of protection and courage. I counseled her why she was there to begin with? What was she getting from it?”

It all culminated, says Denyer, when the cult sent a demon they worshiped to attack her, and she faced her first demonic psychic battle over possession of this woman's soul.

“It was like you see in the movies where people are throwing energy balls and attacking and screaming,” recalls Denyer. “I finally won, the girl was released, and she was able to leave.”

Denyer says she’s always been different but didn't realize how different until she was eight years old.

“I thought everybody saw and knew the world the way I did. When I learned they didn't, it surprised me. It took me a long time to understand and my parents were terrified. When I was nine, they had told me, ‘Stop imagining things!’ I tried to be a good girl but I became so lonely and so depressed. At 12, I decided I wasn’t doing that anymore and I started studying on my own.

Denyer says she’s learned not hide something from a client that feels uncomfortable, because if it comes through, it's proper for the person to hear it.

“You can lie to me all you want, but I will not allow you to lie to yourself,” says Denyer. “I will put it in your face every time you do. It makes them uncomfortable at first, but they are so much more productive afterward. They're happy with themselves for finally telling themselves the truth, because that's what it's all about.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Laverne Denyer in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on June 19th at 4pm EDT

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