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CUTV News Radio spotlights Positive Changes Coach Terri Babers

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2019 / -- Multi-passionate coaches don’t need to be forced to focus on one path, despite widespread guru advice to “niche-down”, says Expert Consultant and Coach Terri Babers. Her new coaching program offers flexibility and freedom for MultiPassionistas to pursue multiple passions and purposes, profitably!

“It’s time to stop! You're wasting time, money and energy trying to be like everyone else! If you are a Leonardo-style thinker, don’t keep struggling to fit the Mozart-mold of societal expectations,” says Babers. “If you have many talents, skills and passions and want to pursue them, go for it. Don’t shame or guilt yourself into being defined by negative labels like fickle, unfocused, flighty, irresponsible, or directionless.”

Instead, examine the possibility that you may be a MultiPassionista - aka Renaissance Soul, Scanner, Polymath, MultiPotentialite, or Neo-Generalist. You might just be a Leonardo-style thinker and doer living in a Mozart world!

Babers’ new program, Excavate Your Expertise, helps multi-passionate, multi-talented coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs create cohesive programs from all those things they do, the diverse knowledge-bases and skill-sets they’ve accumulated as Leonardo-style thinkers and doers!

Her mission? To equip her clients to honor how they are wired – to be curious, to be passionately interested and skilled in multiple areas. They feel like they have too many passions to pick just one, and that is fantastic because they don’t have to – the title MultiPassionsita works for them!

Babers leads them step-by-step to pull together their existing knowledge and expertise into profitable packages, without narrowing their “focus” and their services into that Mozart-mold.

Encompassing important business concepts like Mastering Your Money Mindset, Identifying the Soul of your Personal Brand Archetype, Nailing a Lucrative Niche (for NOW!), Creating Cohesive Systems and Programs, developing and running group programs … and Pricing It All for Profit, Excavate Your Expertise is an all-inclusive package for coaches who can’t, or don’t WANT to decide on just one path. Now, they don’t have to.

From a very early age, parents, friends, teachers and experts tell people to buckle down and choose a single career. The say to lean your ladder against one wall and climb to success.

But Terri Babers says that’s not necessary. It’s not helpful for everyone. With Excavate Your Expertise, she gently guides clients through the enjoyable step-by-step process of extracting their expertise from all knowledge, experience, passions and skills so they can translate them into profitable programs with flexibility for growth and exploration in the future.

LifeStyle and Business Design Coach and Personal Development Consultant Terri Babers believes multi-passionate coaches and leaders can easily pursue their diverse interests, without the pain of pinching themselves into a singular focus or niche. She helps leaders and coaches funnel their skills, knowledge and passions into profitable packages and inclusive group coaching facilitation.

Babers is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Leadership Team, a Certified Money Marketing & Soul Business Coach, has a Masters Degree in Professional Communication, is Certified with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is a Multi-Passionista after-all!

CUTV News Radio will feature Terri Babers in an interview with Jim Masters on May 29th at 3pm EDT.

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