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ZedXe Launches Buyback and Burn Program: An Opportunity for Users to Multiply their Profit by up to 10 Times

Buyback and Burn Program

Buyback and Burn Program

ZedXe Exchange announced its Buyback and Burn program, providing current and new token holders with an opportunity to multiply their profit by up to 10 times.

HARJU MAAKOND, TALLINN, ESTONIA, May 21, 2019 / -- ZedXe(, an Estonia based cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced Buyback and Burn program for 2 million ZFL tokens. The program intends to benefit both current and new token holders by providing them with an opportunity to multiply their profit by up to 10 times.

ZedXe co-founder Shariq Hashmi said, “We have already started to distribute 2 million ZFL tokens, as a part of Buyback and Burn program, to our users. We will buy back the tokens on July 15, 2019 and calculate the total accumulated volume of each trader. Traders with maximum value will qualify as top beneficiaries of our Buyback and Burn program. ”

Buying back of each ZFL token means redemption of tokens which were held by the previous holders. ZedXe will burn the tokens once bought back. This means that the purchased tokens will be removed from circulation and locked, consequently decreasing the total supply of ZFL tokens. This should effectively improve the value of ZFL tokens in the cryptocoin market.

ZedXe Buyback and Burn program aims to offer 100% valuation for ZFL tokens. A coherent roadmap will navigate the program which works as follows:

Price: USD 0.36* (Minimum)
ZFL Tokens: 2,000,000** (Minimum)
When: July 15, 2019
Where: ZedXe Exchange (On Chain)
Pair: BTC / ZFL

ZedXe Buyback and Burn Program Eligibility Criteria

In order to benefit from ZedXe Buyback and Burn program, users need to fulfill the following criteria:

• Minimum daily volume of 0.1 BTC per user / account in BTC / ZFL pair
Note: Accumulated volume of 60 days (0.1 BTC X 60 Days = 6 BTC) will be calculated for top BTC / ZFL pair traders. So all of the traders who join early or late will benefit from the program, to trade total accumulated volume (i.e. 6 BTC) in 1 day or in 60 days.

• Multiple trades (buy / sell orders) will be accepted to calculate daily or accumulated volume.

• No maximum cap of trading volume for any account (the traders with the maximum volume at the end of the period will be on the top of the buyback list).

Accounts / Users, who fulfill the requirement of daily volume or total accumulated volume, at the end of the period (i.e. July 14, 2018 at 23:59 GMT), will qualify as top beneficiaries of Buyback and Burn.

• Total accumulated volume of each user will be calculated on July 14, 2019 and the lists will be uploaded on ZedXe exchange website.

* In case the price of each ZFL token, reaches USD 0.36 or over, by or before July 14, 2019, ZedXe Exchange will buy back the tokens at 100% (USD 0.72 or more) of the final value set at the specified time of July 14, 2019.
** ZedXe Exchange will buy-back and burn minimum 2 million ZFL Tokens (out of 180 million circulating supply), and maximum tokens, as per total accumulated volume, by July 14, 2019.

In order to be transparent and to avoid any discrepancy, ZedXe will conduct strict third party auditing and diligence within this period. Any account / user found manipulating the accounts, or indulged in any other suspicious activity, will be blocked and permanently removed from Buy Back list.

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