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Dr. Frank Lawlis of the PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2019 / -- When struggling with addiction, the substance controls your brain until your conscience is nothing compared to your need. To free yourself from addiction and restore your life, an assessment must be administered to determine the right course of treatment.

Dr. Frank Lawlis is a clinical and medical psychologist and co-founder of the PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center. The PNP Center’s primary mission is to providing objective diagnoses and treatment programs for individuals dealing with problems associated with neurological issues. Through a multifaceted diagnostic assessment, PNP Center can help find solutions to the variety of challenges in neurological and psychological development.

“We want to find answers to problem behaviors, but most of all, we want to help people discover and utilize the tremendous talent and abilities they have for an abundant life,” says Dr. Lawlis. “We have good reason to be optimistic because we have seen good things happen in even the most distressed of circumstances.”

Dr. Lawlis has dedicated his career to understanding what causes disease and what creates healing.

“When the body is out of balance, you have disease,” says Dr. Lawlis. “I believe our medical system is out of balance: it doesn't deal with the spiritual or the psychological and it typically overshoots what it's trying to cure. We do a full assessment, putting everything together in terms of introducing new approaches to how to re-balance the mind and the body.”

Medical psychology explores how the body reacts to the brain and how the brain reacts to the body. Psycho-Neuroplasticity means we can change the brain patterns to correct destructive directions.

Dr. Lawlis’s passion is using rhythms and sound frequencies to correct imbalances in the body and disrupt destructive brain patterns. To that end, Dr. Lawlis invented the bioacoustical utilization device, or BAUD.

“My theory is that you can use these drumming sequences and sounds to basically interrupt the brain pattern, disrupting the connection and replacing it with a pattern of joy and happiness,” says Dr. Lawlis. “What we discovered is that we can disrupt the cravings of drugs, smoking, overeating, depression, anxiety, and especially PTSD. It's re-balancing the brain and restructuring some of the patterns of those neurological connections so that you don't go down that spiral of despair and you can experience true joy.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Frank Lawlis in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 22nd at 3pm EDT and with Jim Masters on May 29th at 11am EDT

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