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Teri Stanley of Teri’s Holistic Healing to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2019 / -- Our mental state is defined by our beliefs. By the time we're four years old, 90 percent of our beliefs have already been instilled in our subconscious mind. A four-year-old’s perspective is very innocent, but at the same time it's not exactly correct, and those beliefs are the breadcrumbs throughout our life.

Teri Stanley is an intuitive holistic healer and coach and the founder of Teri’s Holistic Healing. As an intuitive holistic healer, Teri combines multiple healing modalities with her intuition to provide natural solutions that address her clients’ physical pain as well as their emotional pain and difficulties.

“Many of my clients have experienced emotional hardships during their lifetime. The impact of those experiences distort their personal view of themselves where they are left feeling unworthy, unlovable, not wanted, and not feeling good enough,” says Teri. “I help people navigate through these emotions. I provide tools and together we move forward and release those beliefs that are no longer of benefit to them. This purging allows my clients to live their authentic life.”

Teri says she leads with emotions because emotions usually trigger a physical response in the body: pain, upset, depression, anxiety, feeling like you're stuck and unable to move, knowing that something's off, feeling that you're broken. All those negative things that we feel about ourselves can create pain within the body. It's the body's way of saying something's wrong, pay attention to me, I'm not in balance.

“I've helped people reach for their stars when they felt they were out of reach,” says Teri. “Together we heal the inner child, we demolish blocks, we learn to trust our inner voice and use our intuition to love ourselves again and move past the pain and trauma from childhood. We can see things in a new, more uplifting, beneficial light.”

Teri says she resonates with this work because she was raised in an abusive environment in a constant state. In her early 30s, she recalls she couldn’t get out of bed for three years even with two small children; she had been in this fight-or-flight mode for so long her body couldn't handle it anymore.

Western medicine did not have an answer for Teri. Nobody had an answer. Until one day a friend recommended an iridologist, a person who reads eyes, who told her immediately she had adrenal exhaustion.

“That's where I began to heal,” says Teri. “I started learning everything I could. It always directed me back to energy.”

“I've learned to lovingly encourage and embrace my clients to let them know it's OK to feel what they’re feeling,” says Teri. “When we allow someone to go through that they're going through and be a positive support to them, they feel validated, more loved, with a little bit more strength to know they can do it. And it's all about empowering people to make the right choices for themselves.”

“When we're not in alignment with our soul, who we are and our purpose, we can’t live the life we truly desire,” says Teri. “So I am proud that I help my clients connect with their inner divine self. This work has healed so many wounds. I’m proud to pass this knowledge on to anybody that truly wants to heal.

CUTV News Radio will feature Teri Stanley in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 22nd at 4pm EDT

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