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Elizabeth Bessey of EB Professional Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MEXICO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2019 / -- If anyone at the top executive leadership staff project negative energy, that energy flows down throughout the organization, creating a challenging, often toxic workplace.

Elizabeth Bessey partners with her clients to create incredible work environments for employees one company at a time through the practice of energy leadership.

“Energy Leadership is about developing a personally effective style of leadership,” says Bessey. “You can develop that awareness and mindfulness that positively influences and changes the leaders, those they work with daily and the entire organization.”

Bessey is the founder and Chief Coaching Officer of EB Professional Coaching, where she partners with goal-oriented leaders to gain a conscious awareness of where they are in their leadership. Positive, transformative leadership starts with awareness. When this awareness is paired with intention and action, leaders work to create an environment where they inspire their organizations to perform at their optimal best. As a certified professional coach (CPC) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Bessey uses one on one coaching, workshops and lunch-n-learns using the energy leadership development system and the energy leadership index assessment to help bring her clients toward a greater awareness of their core thoughts, feelings and emotions and the actions that manifest at each level of energy.

“Overwhelm goes hand in hand with frustration,” says Bessey. “Leaders become frustrated with their teams and they’re frustrated with themselves because they're not getting the productivity they want. Soon, they start losing their passion and motivation for what they're doing. Once the leader becomes conscious of their energy level which would be negative if their action is frustration and makes a shift to a higher level, the frustration disappears, they gain that passion and their motivation again, they become more productive and their teams are more successful. To me the ultimate testimonial is when a client tells me after coaching they love what they do so much it doesn’t feel like they work.”

Bessey says her clients have some awareness of where they are and where they want to be, but oftentimes they need coaching to bridge the gap. Coaching is what helps the client recognize and break through any blocks they didn’t even realize they had that’s keeping them from being their Ideal leader.

“Some leaders still don't have a real understanding of emotional intelligence, for example,” says Bessey. “They may not have an understanding of how they can influence and engage others. Through the services offered is some foundational awareness of what energy leadership is all about.”

Bessey says the biggest piece is that the client has to acknowledge that they're stuck. They don't know what to do because they have so much going on. They're at the point where they cannot move forward. Something has to give.

“Leaving the company isn't always the answer,” says Bessey. “It's about trusting the resources around you, maybe changing the tools you're using so you can be more efficient. Sometimes simply stepping back from the situation and verbalizing what's going on, triggers them into action so they have an understanding of what they need to do and what steps they need to take next.”

As a coach, Bessey can be a sounding board, a neutral audience to ultimately do what her clients want to do. “Clients so often say what a great session it was simply because they were able to talk through what’s on their minds and develop an action plan to move forward.”

“I wish I knew these coaching techniques that I’ve learned more recently 30 years ago,” says Bessey. “What an impact I may have made with some of those organizations. When you have the coach training, you're able to dive a little deeper, ask those empowering questions so the clients have a realization of actions and the effect they have on their teams and the organization.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Elizabeth Bessey in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 21st at 2pm EDT

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