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Jacob Hefetz: Prominent Businessman and Entrepreneur

Jacob Hefetz with the skyline of Las Vegas, NV in the background.

Las Vegas, NV - Jacob Hefetz

Hefetz Family

Family Means Everything

Jacob Hefetz in Las Vegas, NV Office

Jacob Hefetz in Las Vegas, NV Office

Jacob Hefetz remains one of Las Vegas, NV most influence businessmen and entrepreneur. This Jewish American continues to make a difference for his communities.

We supported each other in business and friendship”
— Jacob Hefetz
LAS VEGAS, NV, US, May 16, 2019 / -- After conducting an audio interview with Jacob Hefetz, on 05/01/2019 I came to

discover a lot regarding the man and his humble beginnings. Jack’s first impression was that of

a successful and proud man in his 50’s now, father time has been good to him. At a glance you

hear his voice to be of quiet confidence, filled with rich Jewish heritage.

The interview started with one basic question. I led the discussion with “Who in your life

inspired you?” followed up with “Who’s your role model or the person that inspired you the

most?” Jack replied strongly with my father. Secondly, ex-partner, “We made lots of

money together”. He went on to say, “We supported each other in business and friendship”. He

paused briefly before stating, he is moved by his visions when brokering business deals.

Jack spoke with admiration when referring to his father’s ability to raise nine children, keeping

food on their table and clothing them in the finest attire (he could afford) when going to the

temple. He spoke fondly of his father’s work ethic, to the point where Jack entered the workforce

at age twelve by polishing diamonds in Tel’Aviv, Israel. Jack was a peculiar teenage, instead of

spending his earnings in the local novelty store he gave it to his mother. She in turn gave a

portion back to him in gratitude. As a young boy, he was guided by strong principles, family
values and generosity.

During the interview I learned more about his character. At age twelve, Jack was unexpectedly

admitted into the hospital. It began with a stomach ache during math class, which granted him a

pass to see the school nurse. The symptoms was cause enough for the school nurse to refer him

to the local hospital. Jack hesitated instead of agreeing to comply. He analyzed the situation

carefully not wanting to be a burden to his mother, who was home with five children at the time.


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Jacob Hefetz Making A Difference from LA to Vegas 2019