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Mary Bevington of Soul~Body~Yoga™ to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

EVERGREEN, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2019 / -- When we have an emotional problem, it's easy to dwell on it in our head. We might see a counselor or a therapist, but sometimes the source of our emotional issues is physical; sometimes the source of our physical issues is emotional. In those instances, the solution is often spiritual in nature.

To truly free ourselves from our challenges, we must leave no stone unturned.

Mary Bevington, better known as Mary Be, is a spiritual counselor and founder of Soul~Body~Yoga™, a yoga system and intuitive learning center for holistic healing.

“I help people in the living arts and in what I like to call, the being arts,” says Mary. “Simple being-ness can create a full, joyful, enlightening life. My intent with a client is to see them on a deep level and especially the undertones and the soul-context of what they are encountering. As information is revealed I offer next steps and alternate possibilities so a future path can become more and more clear. Within that lots of healing happens.”

Mary says she was initially inspired by energy when she was a teenager in theater school in a class called "energy awareness.”

“We meditated and did creative visualization throughout every class,” recalls Mary. “Theater actually has a lot of magic and energy as part of the culture. It really turned me on to the realness and also the benefits of energy.”

In time Mary went on to attend seminary at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO, where she learned such techniques as how to read and heal past lives, how to view remotely, how to communicate with animals and how to craft intentions from an energy perspective.

Still, says Mary, 99% of this job is sharing space.

“My clients frequently just need to be seen and feel heard,” says Mary. “They already have their own answers, a sense of their direction. They just want it validated.”

During a reading, Mary will go into meditation to read her client's energy and to receive information on the spirit, body, soul, energetic, emotional, mental, and physical levels.

“When I go into meditation, I'm watching their energy as it presents, as it transforms during a session,” says Mary. “I'm translating and interpreting what I'm seeing so that the client can see me seeing them. Recurrently, after I've opened my eyes, my client has a light about them that's new and amazing.”

Parallel to Mary’s growth as an energy healer, Mary also pursued her passion for yoga.

“So much of my work is around energy and light healing, but the physical body is the material manifestation of our soul,” says Mary. “Many people who are coming to me have experienced some level of trauma, so this idea of being in the physical is important. We have chosen to embody in a body. We're meant to be learning from our bodies. Our bodies hold much of our history and can be unlocked to give us the answers for our future.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Mary Bevington in an interview with Jim Masters on May 14th at 2pm EDT.

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