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Body Image Expert and Coach Jamie Michelle to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2019 / -- Our society is absolutely obsessed with losing weight. We’re constantly judged by the way we look, the way we dress, the way we eat or don't eat, how we work out, how often we work out. And no matter what we do, it’s not good enough.

Though we live in a "diet culture," the key to health and wellness is much deeper. Ultimately it comes down to our core beliefs about ourselves.”

Jamie Michelle is a body image coach and a certified expert in nutrition, fitness and wellness.

“My clients are women who have been on diet after diet after diet,” says Jamie. “They come to me because they want to know how they can lose weight, but when it comes down to it, I do not give my clients a meal plan. In fact, I don’t talk about food or even exercise at all.”

According to Jamie, we’ve been taught not to trust our bodies. We believe we’re supposed to hate our bodies, and be ashamed of our bodies, which makes us break the important and powerful connection that we have with our bodies. So, when we fail on a diet, we blame ourselves for not being strict enough or think that something's wrong with our body, but it's the diet industry that's failing you because they're not telling you the truth. You don't need any of that.

“There are six basic human needs that we all have as human beings: love, safety, contribution, significance, growth, and certainty,” explains Jamie. “We can only meet those needs internally. When one of those needs is not being met, people will try to meet their needs externally, whether it be through a toxic relationship or a crash diet. Ultimately, they want to change something about themselves that they don't like, they want to change their bodies. What people don’t realize is that any extra weight we carry around on our body is often a reflection of the emotional weight or trauma that we’re carrying inside ourselves.”

The diet industry is a $70 billion industry for a reason: they make the most of their money from repeat customers.

“When we go on a diet, we are fundamentally telling our body that we don't trust it anymore, and instead, we place all of our trust and faith in something external from ourselves,” says Jamie. “That immediately cuts off that important connection that we have to our body, so that when we go off a diet, we gain all of the weight back and then go back on another diet program. That cycle of not trusting our bodies, shaming our bodies, hating our bodies, is never ending.”

Jamie works mostly with women who have struggled with their bodies for years, in some cases for decades. She says that about 90% of her clients have eating disorders or have struggled with disordered eating in the past. A lot of them also have an unhealthy relationship with exercise and might even be recovering from an exercise addiction.

The women Jamie coaches are high-achieving perfectionists. They’re very successful in whatever they set out to do in terms of their academics or career, but they’re also very educated on fitness and nutrition. They research everything they possibly can about food, about how to lose weight. They just know too much, and they’re desperate for help.

“The reason why I'm so passionate about this audience is because I was that girl. I was the person that went through all of that, always questioning my worth, always questioning whether or not I was doing enough,” recalls Jamie. “I battled with my body for nearly 10 years, until I reconnected with my body and accepted it. I let it do what it does best: keep me alive and bring me toward the healthiest version of myself.”

Jamie says she is grateful for every piece of her journey because it brought her to where she is today, where she can help show other women that they don't need another diet. All they have to do is accept their body, listen to it, and trust it.

“When I tell my clients to stop counting calories and stop listening to all of the food rules in our society, they don't know what to do. That's all they know,” says Jamie. “My job is to show you, one step at a time, how you can always come back to your body. You have the power to heal your body every minute of every day, but the only way you can do that is by allowing yourself to come back home to your body and to give it what it truly needs. Your body already knows what it needs to be healthy. When all is said and done, we always have the power to create what we want, both in terms of our health and our bodies, and in our lives.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Jamie Michelle in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 8th at 12pm EDT and with Jim Masters on May 15th at 12pm EDT.

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