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Melissa Porterfield of Silk Mountain Returns to CUTV News Radio

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2019 / -- Melissa Porterfield has received many accolades in the past few years, as a woman entrepreneur and a key influencer. She has also become an in-demand speaker, particularly at conferences oriented to Human Resource professionals. Since her business name Silk Mountain is derived from an ancestral name, people do not immediately associate it with its suite of solutions--all aimed at making work feel, well, less like work. Melissa consults with clients in different capacities, helping them to establish and refine their company culture, and then leverage it to attract, retain, and engage the workforce.

If you don’t grasp what a corporate culture is, don’t feel bad, because it’s only in the last few years that the significance of the corporate culture has arisen. It might have to do with the proverbial war for talent (as companies compete for the select few Oncology Nurse Managers and software developers out there) or the humanistic and socially-conscious needs of millennials. It might also be the popular image cultures like Google, Adobe, Zappos or Starbuck’s has. Porterfield says people think if I put in video games and give out free sodas, voila, I’m Google, but the realities are different.

She believes a company’s culture stems from leadership, and their ability to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. For instance, if the culture is defined by honesty, managers can’t blindly promise bonuses and then not follow through. Approachability is important too, and you’ll see the positive difference it makes when a manager stops by, looks at the picture of the pup on your desk, and comments about it.

So, Porterfield dedicates her time to assessing leadership’s commitment to the culture. She also supports businesses through Mergers & Acquisitions, helping identify aspects of the old and new, and what the blended culture should ideally be. Recently she has been focusing on workplace strategy, what works for your business vs. what’s trendy, and the statement everything from your lobby to receptionist makes. Ms. Porterfield is also getting more involved with women-owned businesses helping them institute various human resource related processes, and delights in supporting a start-up or helping another woman entrepreneur become a success story.

Silk Mountain was launched after Melissa left a long (20+ years) and varied career in Human Resources that included employee relations, benefits, recruiting, and wage and compensation-- so she well understands any snags that a company might confront. Her vision is to keep on helping executives create workplaces where people want to stay, and to address all the issues that influence the health of an organization. By facilitating the improvement of workplaces, she not only makes a difference for their people, she impacts the overall success and bottom line of the company itself.

CUTV News Radio will feature Melissa Porterfield and Silk Mountain in an extended series, hosted by both Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn, that begins on Friday, May 3rd at 2:00pm EDT.

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