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Opinion Piece - What the Average American Did not See During the President Trump “Face the Nation” Interview

Glenn Sandler, CPA, of G.I. Tax Service gives his insight into what the average American does not quite grasp about the hardships leaders can face.

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, USA, April 24, 2019 / -- I was watching Margaret Brennan’s interview with President Trump on Super Bowl Sunday, and although it has been some time since then, it has been on my mind since and I wanted to comment on it

It was so apparent that the networks (in this case, CBS) have such disdain for the president, that they cannot even cut him a break during the annual pre-Super Bowl interview with the President. A tradition that began in 2004 with George W. Bush interviewed by CBS’s Jim Nantz prior to Super Bowl 38. The interviews were intended to be a lighthearted chat about the Super Bowl. Clearly, Ms. Brennan did not receive the memo.

The interview began with Ms. Brennan’s apparent eye roll and question about Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When is the media going to recognize that Donald Trump is President Trump? The question’s tone and wording seemed to imply that the President doesn’t know what he is doing and that the Speaker is in a superior position both in terms of negotiating skill and knowledge to the President. The media could not be more incorrect in their assumptions. But let’s get away from this old argument for now.

The real issue that the media and Democrats are missing and clearly do not understand is “what is true leadership?” I have read many books about some of the world’s true leaders including, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, just to name a few. One can argue what is similar among them, but the one trait that they all clearly and undeniably share is that they all have/had a clear and focused vision that drove them. They are/were unwavering and unwilling to be knocked off their set course.

What smug and condescending journalists like Margaret Brennan, who act like school-aged popular kids mocking the new kid, don’t understand while they are shooting base questions at President Trump, is that they are asking the wrong questions because they will never understand the true meaning of leadership, what is good for the whole and she will never have the courage it takes to act in that capacity.

“How do you know when to fire someone?” Brennan asked. That was deep down, the most childish question a journalist could have asked the leader of the free world. When does she, Ms. Brennan, think is the right time? Maybe when the job is not getting done.

True leaders are faced with three key challenges (1) have a focused and clear vision, (2) know how to judge talent, and (3) have the courage to make unpopular decisions and cause changes when necessary. All of the leaders I mentioned earlier share these three traits. It’s not easy being the “final” word or being the decision maker. All of the mainstream media and mostly all of the “dissenters” find it easy to criticize and they do it on all of the 24-hour news channels. They state their opinions, but they never have to make a decision.

Did anyone recognize President Trump genuine concern was when he spoke about the soldiers who lost limbs and their minds fighting for us? Not one comment from the arrogant Ms. Brennan. I am sure the hardest decision a President has to make is how to protect the men and women who fight for us. The opposition folks do not know what it is like, what the reality is, how decisions are made and what it takes for this President, any President, to make these decisions, the final decision.

I have had to fire best friends, family members, and other close relationships. Leadership is a lonely place. You take the blame for the bad and give credit to others for the good and you MUST feel good about it. You must commit to your final decision at all cost if you are to move forward and achieve your goal.

The Presidency is most likely the loneliest leadership job on the planet. Everyone is quick to criticize without ever being put in the place to make those hard choices. Americans should praise any President without party affiliation. Regardless of whether we do or don’t agree with the decisions, respect should be given for the unbelievably difficult job it is to make the choices that have to be made and to bear the burden of the results.

The mainstream media, including Ms. Brennan, should just once try to put the good of the country ahead of their political bias for President Trump and just, for one moment, remember to respect the hard choices that have to be made.

Glenn Sandler, CPA
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