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OBGYN Practitioner Dr. Debra Wickman to be Featured on CUTV News Radio


PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2019 / -- For some lucky women sexual pleasure is one of the most gratifying and pleasing parts of their lives. Yet a staggering number of women worldwide have never actually experienced an orgasm or have hang ups depriving them from enjoying pleasure. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if a woman’s gynecologist could help address some of their challenges, since these are the doctors they trust most with the intimate parts of their bodies?

Dr. Debra Wickman is a highly regarded Obstetrician-Gynecologist with an exceptional practice focused on the area of female sexual medicine, menopause and vulvar disorders – which are problems with the genital skin and structures.

“It would be convenient if increasing sexual desire was as easy as taking a pill, but I aspire to go beyond that,” says Dr. Wickman. “Not only dealing with gynecologic/medical issues, but integrating the body, mind, heart and spirit aspects of being female.”

Having always been intrigued by women’s health care, Dr. Wickman obtained her Masters in Maternal/Child nursing, before going on to medical school and residency to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology. For much of her 25-year career, she worked as a general obstetrician-gynecologist, caring for women and delivering babies -a special and honorable role. In developing that trusted relationship with her patients, she noticed how often women would ask her personal questions, how to have better orgasms, or enjoy sex more – things they did not provide training about in medical school. She went to UCLA to complete a postgraduate fellowship in Female Sexual Medicine and her quest for answers and intense research enabled her to develop a way to help women with these sexual issues.

“I discovered women’s sexuality isn’t only about their physical bodies, but their minds, relationships, emotions and how they genuinely feel about themselves,” says Dr. Wickman. “This spurred me to become certified as a sexuality counselor and bring to fruition my own unique niche Practice.”

With Dr. Wickman’s license and apt medical skills, she conducts a one-on-one detailed talk-therapy session with a patient, exploring limiting beliefs, relationship, sexual function, and any other intimate challenges she faces, in the context of the body-mind-heart-spirit of sexual being. This is followed by a special gynecologic exam where the woman witnesses her own pelvic exam in real-time, on a digital tablet as it unfolds, while she asks questions, releases emotions, and is guided by Dr. Wickman through the format, connecting consciously with her own form and function.

“The patient needs to connect with her body,” says Dr. Wickman. “Whether It’s dealing with sexual trauma, helping a woman through a milestone like menopause, or following an illness such as cancer, I find this allows a woman to create her own goals and intentions in defining her most optimal life.”

With Dr. Wickman’s tried and proven method, she finds treatment success is achieved in a shorter time, as women have better understanding of what is necessary to heal. Currently she’s seeing patients in her private clinic, teaching resident physicians and medical students, and doing professional keynote speaking to raise awareness.

She began “Fantastically Female,” - a platform to provide seminars and education to help women navigate through some of their inhibitions, poor body image, fears and questions about sexual function.

“So many women have been socialized into pleasing their man as a priority,” says Dr. Wickman. “Many of my patients engage in sex with the primary goal of pleasing their partners – even to the point of having sex through pain. They need to learn how to find their own pleasure in relationship, to meet their partner equally in pleasure.”

Sexual health is at the core of being female - the body, mind, heart, and spirit of a woman. Integrating these elements in a holistic way provides the basis for who we are as women.

“Healthy sexuality is a vital sign of wellness at all levels because it’s a reflection of that radiance within ourselves – shining outward to engage with our partners and with life overall,” says Dr. Wickman. “It’s a vital function for true wholeness and happiness, and that’s something we all deserve.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Debra Wickman in an interview with Doug Lewellyn April 25th at 1 pm and Jim Masters on May 2nd at 1 pm EST.

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