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Instagram as a Key to Branding and Corporate Image

Becca Booker, Owner of Homemade Social

Becca Booker, Owner of Homemade Social

Julia Joy, PR Director for Swyft

Julia Joy, PR Director for Swyft

Zoé Bélisle-Springer, Digital Content Editor at Phorest Salon Software

Zoé Bélisle-Springer, Digital Content Editor at Phorest Salon Software

The power of Instagram puts your companies imaging and branding in the palm of your hand.

[T]o leverage Instagram organizations need a specific Instagram-focused strategy with specific links and specific web destinations that are well supported within the platform.”
— Julia Joy, PR Director for Swyft
GREENWICH, CT, USA, April 16, 2019 / -- Greenwich, CT – Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog by her namesake, interviews individuals on the cutting edge of hotel, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics. She expands the marketing foot print of companies with a combination of branding and imaging across social media and conventional websites.

The world of advertising continually changes, and with it, the need to continually work on corporate image and branding. Step in 'Instagram' and its powerful business ROI.

Candice Georgiadis interviews Becca Booker, Owner of Homemade Social, bringing to light some very powerful Instagram methods for improving your business image and following:

“Let’s talk about Instagram specifically, now. Can you share 6 ways to leverage Instagram to dramatically improve your business? Please share a story or example for each.

Utilize Gary Vee’s $1.80 rule. This is my favorite trick to recommend to clients. However, it takes quite a bit of time! You can read up on the technique here, but basically the idea is to comment highly engaging comments on other account’s posts that would be likely to engage with you and follow you.
If you’re in a service-based business, have a freebie on your website and encourage people to download it in your bio! This is a great way to get leads and build your repudiability to your ideal audience.
Instagram Stories is a great tool to show the behind the scenes of your business. If you’re in a service-based business, you as the business owner can show a “day in the life” of going to meetings, making decisions, and team outings. As a product-based business, try polling your audience (using the Poll or Question sticker) on what colors they like, what they love about their favorite product of yours, and what they want to see next!
Sync your e-commerce store with your Facebook account (and make sure it’s connected to your Instagram account) so that you can tag your products directly on Instagram. Shopify should connect really easily. This will help with your conversion rates so users can click directly to the product on your website that you are posting about.
Use the same filter on every photo. This is a great tip for making your Instagram account appear more cohesive and on-brand. Find a filter that works for your brand (ie. light & white, saturated, pink-tones, etc.) and stick to it. This way, whenever you post a new photo, your audience will get used to your style and will be able to tell it’s your photo without even seeing your name attached to it!
Quality over quantity — don’t post just to post! So many people feel the need to share content daily, but it’s more important to share content that serves a purpose to your audience. Always aim to educate, inspire, or entertain your audience with every post!” Read the rest of the interview here, along with details on the $1.80 rule.

Leveraging Instagram brings huge benefits to businesses when done correctly. Candice Georgiadis' recent articles specifically focus on improving businesses through the use of Instagram. See the below excerpt from her interview with Julia Joy, PR Director for Swyft:

“2) What the above means is that to leverage Instagram organizations need a specific Instagram-focused strategy with specific links and specific web destinations that are well supported within the platform. This means that on the backend and on the creative side there may be some extra work to develop a streamlined presentation and process to sell or promote from Instagram because you may have only one link you can use in the profile section. Advertising is a lot easier now due to the integration with Facebook in terms of billing, running campaigns, and managing ads, but on the creative side and the messaging side, there’s practical issues that will need to be addressed.” - Julia Joy

While some think it is all about the posts, Candice and the interviewees go 'under the hood' of Instagram and how using it correctly can make dramatic differences to a company's bottom line. This correct use includes learning from experts in the field who are more than willing to provide help and direction:

Can you explain to our readers why you are an authority about Social Media Marketing?

Until recently, I had been managing Phorest Salon Software’s social media platforms and running its worldwide campaigns for nearly three years. Alongside this, I have been producing and distributing a variety of educational content across six regions, including the United States. For instance, our blog includes social media advice and tips, including things like how businesses can use Instagram to increase engagement, while our podcast provides insightful interviews with industry experts, coaches and consultants — sometimes very social media focused.

Over the past three years, I’ve also written e-books (guides to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat) covering the ins-and-outs of using each of these platforms to promote and brand businesses in the hair and beauty industry. My most recent work includes moderating a panel of artists at Modern Salon’s Salon Digital Summit, which took place in Los Angeles in early November 2018, and which discussed the impact of being authentic and showing personality on social media, but especially on Instagram.” responded Zoé Bélisle-Springer, Digital Content Editor at Phorest Salon Software.

Research and preparedness ahead of launching an Instagram campaign are imperative as can be seen from the interviews Candice Georgiadis has recently done.

About Candice Georgiadis
Candice Georgiadis is an active mother of three as well as a designer, founder, social media expert, and philanthropist. Candice Georgiadis is the founder and designer at CG & CO. She is also the Founder of the Social Media and Marketing Agency: Digital Agency. Candice Georgiadis is a Social Media influencer and contributing writer to ThriveGlobal, Authority Magazine and several others. In addition to her busy work life, Candice is a volunteer and donor to St Jude’s Children’s hospital.

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