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Art Historian Cynthia Peer to be Featured on CUTV News Radio


ARVADA, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2019 / -- When we go to museums like The Met, The MOMA, The Art Institute of Chicago, Muse D Orsay, The Louvre in Paris, and State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, we are magnificently enlightened by the visually stunning paintings and artifacts. But how often can we interpret and truly understand their meaning?

Cynthia Peer is an outstanding Art Historian, Story teller, and founder of Peer Presentations.

“I have assembled all these fascinating presentations, story and biography format of the early major artists from the Renaissance to the Post-Impressionist Era and put together these informative and interesting presentations,” says Cynthia. “Some of my favorites and most endearing presentations are the Easter and Christmas stories and the biographies. Every year I add a new intriguing artist to my collection so there is always more to look forward to.”

With detailed, precise clear-cut style, Cynthia skillfully puts together, in story and biography format, her magical presentations. Cynthia travels worldwide presenting her creative lectures in some of her favorite places, ships, schools and retirement communities.

“It’s so enjoyable particularly for senior citizens to see the work of arts and be remined of the real story behind it,” says Cynthia. “They also get a thrill out of reliving the good old days and I can tell by their smiles and bright eyed enthusiasm how much they enjoy listening to the presentation and that makes me feel totally inspired.”

Cynthia’s presentations captivate and intrigue audiences universally and she travels worldwide sharing her thought-provoking presentations like "Summertime in Art History, "Themes of Love in Art History, "The Creation Story told Through the Arts", and the "The Crazy Mythological Stories told Through the Arts"

“Music, art, and literature are so immensely therapeutic and we can’t have a joyful, aesthetically appealing world without it,” says Cynthia. “My presentations are not only fun but also informative and educational and I’m able to explain why it was created and what the artist was trying to convey.”

Cynthia aspires to travel more often and is branching out to working with recreation centers in the various cities she travels to.

“It’s fascinating how I’m able to take these incredible work of arts done hundreds of years ago and express how they were created on canvas,” says Cynthia. “Because it is important to me, and because many of my presentations are not religious, I’m still able to present the Christian messages through many of the work of arts, using the works of art as they were intended, to visualize a story, for those who could not get their hands on a Bible or could not read the Bible.”

Currently, Cynthia is putting together another Biblical presentation, meticulously going through the Bible and works of art to bring together a story that will translate appropriately and honestly. As well as researching a new artist to debut each year.

“My hope is that people will unreservedly appreciate these awe-inspiring works of art and the artist who created them,” says Cynthia. “My art history presentations should be interesting, historical, full of intriguing tidbits, a few jokes, because it is always good to smile and laugh and enjoy!”

CUTV News Radio will feature Cynthia Peer in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday April 15th at 12pm EST.

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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