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Psychology Professor Completes New Book, "Book of the Bed: Human History as Told From Above and Between the Sheets"

Book of the Bed

Cover Design

History of the Bed Itself, Its Evolutionary Development and Beauty, and How It Helped History's Movers and Shakers Share and Wield Power

The BED is documentarian of the march of history. It can be argued that life and love have their reign and rule, their beginning and ending, on the BED. We also employ the BED when sleep demands.”
— James E. Shaw. Ph.D.
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, April 12, 2019 / -- Psychology Professor's New Book, "Book of the Bed: Human History as Told From Above and Between the Sheets"

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James E. Shaw's new book (Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing) is both a careful and carefree 145+ pages account of history's movers and shakers and the power they shared and wielded in the bedroom. Shaw, who holds a Ph.D. degree from the Claremont Graduate University, and has taught in the doctoral programs of professional schools of Psychology (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and California Southern University), says, "The BED is documentarian of the march of human history. A wordless page, a silent witness, it is a faithful and eternal record within the suns and moons of time." Shaw states that the bed itself has constantly evolved into a practical and beautifully exquisite piece of furniture, "as we must expect, given the innumerable sundry and diverse movers and shakers who have populated the annals of history."

Shaw says that it is "pure coincidence" that his book was published within days of revelations about former Vice President Joe Biden who, at this writing, has been singled out by eight women for invading their space, burrowing his nose in their hair or otherwise engaging in unwanted and uninvited hugging and embracing behaviors. Shaw states, "The BED is both altar and shrine for the dramatic acts of the lust-laden and lovestruck; the noble and the nondescript; the knight and the knave; the correct and the corrupt."

Shaw says that Washington, D.C., is a "feverish" political environment that "husks and hustles" slowly-growing tales of male-female behavior. "In fact, forthcoming Town Halls, arranged to publicly present Presidential candidates, may soon begin several rounds of questioning these candidates with queries about their past sexual histories." Shaw notes that "Both male and female Presidential candidates--whether Biden or Bernie; Klobuchar or Kamala; Castro or Corey"--may find that an unexpected and surprising number of questions about their past relationships may be raised in the public comfort of Town Halls before, amid, and after the so-called 'hard questions' of the economy, national security, a uniform and effective national health insurance plan, growing racism, and foreign affairs."

Shaw cautions that "We will have to wait and see whether and how presidential campaign Town Halls might change from gusto and generosity to candidates' guarded and cagey responses." He adds: "It might well be asked and answered, at Town Halls, whether life and love have their reign and rule, their beginning and ending, on the BED." Before Americans vote, they certainly might view and review their most favored candidate and then rock their vote by raising the bar for their own interests, and not merely the candidate's interests. That is voter control." Shaw says that Scott Mering, General Manager of The Mattress Store Company, "enthusiastically took interest in my writing The Book of the Bed and regularly inquired about my writing progress. His time, encouragement and opinion, for which I will always be most grateful, is that in addition to appealing to a large, diverse cross-section of readers throughout America, The Book of the Bed might very well be welcomed by today's bedding and mattress industry as a kind of homecoming."

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