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Clothing-Optional Vacation Destination in Ontario

Are you interested in a Nude vacation this summer but concerned about what to expect? Look no further, we’ve got some good news for you!

BANCROFT, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 8, 2019 / -- Are you interested in booking a holiday at a clothing optional vacation destination for the first time and not sure you’ll be able to get naked around strangers? What’s the etiquette surrounding public nudism? Not to worry, you are not the first person to be concerned about these issues.

It will depend on where you are going to shuck those clothes. If it’s at a public nude beach, there is an expectation that you will actually be naked. Many beach visitors just want to observe others, and that’s not cool. The etiquette is that you will be naked just like everyone else. A nude beach may or may not be family friendly, but definitely ‘public’, so keep it G rated. No PDA or touching, especially of a sexual nature.

If you are going to a clothing optional vacation destination like Sandy Bottoms Resort in Ontario, there is no requirement that patrons be completely naked. Sandy Bottoms allows it’s guests to find a comfortable state of un-dress that suits them.

“We see a wide range of nudism here” says Sandy Bottoms Resort owners. “Often one member of a couple is completely comfortable being naked from the moment they arrive. They come to introduce their partner to the experience, who usually takes a day or two to find their comfort zone”. With a true ‘clothing optional’ attitude, guests can wear as much or as little as they wish, even in the hot tub or pool, which are usually textile-free at other nudist destinations.

“We want to offer a comfortable experience with no expectations for our guests to see if this lifestyle is for them”. And because Sandy Bottoms is a private resort, the ‘no PDA’ rule is more relaxed. “We are a couples resort and understand that our guests are here to get away from the real world for a time and perhaps to rekindle the excitement in their marriage”.

Of course, there are always rules and etiquette to help pave the way to enjoying a ‘nak-ation’. The first hard and fast rule for nudism anywhere is this: for sanitary purposes, you must carry a towel at all times to sit on when naked. The second rule is: No photography. Do not take pictures that capture people in the background while at a nudist destination, that’s not cool either.

Etiquette states that you should not stare, as this can cause discomfort for others. The ‘No Touching’ rule shouldn’t need to be stated, but people often forget themselves when placed in an unfamiliar and exciting situation.

When talking to someone, keep your eyes on their face. If you find it difficult to do so and not glance down, place yourself beside them and look at the view while you chat to avoid awkward downward glances. Eventually, socializing nude becomes second nature and those awkward glances stop, usually in the first few hours.

There is often a concern about men becoming aroused and what to do. This is a perfectly natural occurrence and shouldn’t cause shame or concern. Do nothing, but don’t encourage it either. Distract yourself and wait for it to pass.

What about meal times? At Sandy Bottoms, guests police themselves and decide what works best for themselves. Of course, bring a towel to sit on, but guests decide whether they want to BBQ or cook bacon naked or not. The owners at don’t mind either way. is a private, adults only, couples retreat located in Ontario. Nestled among towering pine trees and situated on a private lake surrounded by crown land, guests at this resort enjoy privacy and adult fun in a natural setting. Guests enjoy private accommodations with access to all that the resort has to offer, from themed parties and dances, to contests, games and social mixers.

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