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Nancy Smith of Angelscapes to be Featured on CUTV News Radio


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HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2019 / -- When our loves ones pass on we are left feeling unbearable grief so overwhelming it can be debilitating to our health and well-being. There were things we never got to say and unresolved hurt and pain. We seek answers about life on the other side and seek someone that could help us find much needed comfort and answers.

Nancy is an Akashic Medium, Spirit Artist, Teacher, founder of Angelscapes and author of Divine Love Affair an Akashic Journey.

“For all the work I do I go to the creator’s source which is the highest source possible, the love of God,” says Nancy. “Everything I do is from that foundation of love and I’m working with my spirit guide, their soul, and my soul which are all intertwined and connected.”

Since Nancy was a young child, she always had a sense of a divine presence. As she got older, it became more pervasive till she began connecting with angels.

“The angels graciously guide me in helping people,” says Nancy. “When individuals are confronted with life’s challenges and obstacles and experience grief it’s actually part of their life’s journey because it helps us learn and develop our souls.”

Nancy began working with more soul levels through Shamanic studies. This perpetuated her understanding a more profound spiritual aspect of life inner healing and connecting to your soul. Her life’s purpose is to help other people learn how and that’s the essence of her powerful work. To open the door that gives people guidance to live a more truthful, meaningful life.

“The most common message from those on the other side to their loved ones is that they are doing great alive and well in heaven” says Nancy. “They stay around us to guide and assist us in spiritual form.”

Further uplifting is the fact that our beloved pets and animals are also on the other side and Nancy can help us connect to our furry friends.

“Death reminds us we have a home that we originated from and it’s absolutely exquisite and earth is a temporary place,” says Nancy. “My role is being a conduit but also training people to understand. Human life is a transitional time and the soul is the infinite side.”

According to Nancy, our journey on this earth is about soul development. Passion, love, forgiveness are critical. Having difficulties affords us the opportunity to gain personal growth.

“We are on earth to find happiness within,” says Nancy. “When we are in human form it’s a wonderful time to be joyful and express ourselves genuinely. The soul path is to move towards creativity and happiness. That connects you to God the highest power.”

As a medium Nancy’s keen ability to connect to the other side is remarkable.

“I find so much joy in helping others and proving the continuity of life,” says Nancy. “We must be mindful to remember to love ourselves and each other while we are here because it’s those tender hearted relationships that we take with us to the other side.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Nancy Smith in interviews with Jim Masters on Friday April 5th at 12 P.M. EST.

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Written by: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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