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Maryann Kelly of Intuitive Services Insight™ to be Featured on CUTV News Radio


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MULLICA HILL, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2019 / -- Maryann Kelly’s evolution as an empowered woman began with a chance complimentary ballroom dance lesson.

“I had spent 33 years in the corporate world and wanted to do something else,” recalls Maryann. “I wasn't going to put off the things I wanted to try any longer because I was always working 80-hour weeks. One of the things I wanted to try was running my own small business as a consultant, leveraging three decades of my experience in multiple areas of expertise. And I also thought I would like to try ballroom dancing.”

What happened next was nothing Maryann could have expected: The more she did ballroom dancing, the more her intuition began to develop.

“I was so used to multi-tasking as a way of life; however, with ballroom dancing, I had to completely commit my full attention and concentrate on each step and suddenly my intuition exploded,” says Maryann.

Once immersed in meetings and metrics, Maryann could now understand how the universal principles of metaphysics, energy, and intuition allow communications with those who have passed over, people or pets.

Maryann made a complete shift to follow her intuition in search of answers. Today, she is the founder of Intuitive Services Insight where she provides mediumship, mentorship and speaking services. To represent the types of services and modalities that are intrinsically linked to intuition, Intuitive Services Insight is a Center of Energy Excellence, COEE, offering services such as Past Life Regressions, Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), and Scalar Wave.

“The more I tried to disprove intuition, the more I proved it!” says Maryann. “Ballroom dancing was the catalyst and still is the catalyst. No one would have ever described me as a woo-woo kind of person. And I take the woo-woo and turn it into WOW., it's practical, it's helpful.

Intuition is the language of energy which is all around us. Your intuition is your own personal natural resource just waiting to be used by you for your benefit. Making Intuition Intentional is about empowering yourself and others to act with purpose aligned with positive intentions.

“You have to quiet your brain to let the intuition come and be available and recognized, because I do believe that everyone can access their intuition,” says Maryann. “It takes some practice. For some, it takes an epiphany. I definitely surrendered to the unknown.”

And surrendering to the unknown is what it’s all about. Maryann says empowerment means having the courage to stand in your own truth and surrender to the abilities you possess; that is, surrender to your greatest potential!

“I so enjoy helping people on deeply personal levels and also working with business people on how to leverage their own intuition on the job,” says Maryann. “This work is based on total trust; I have to just trust that the information will come in that moment as it is not generated from me or my brain. Every day is a leap of faith, but I've never been let down.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Maryann Kelly in an interview with Jim Masters on March 28th at 2pm EDT.

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