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Stacy Dorius of Simply Resonate to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / -- Imagine being able to get to a place where you are the “Chief Energy Officer” of your own life, where you wear the pants and the belt says BOSS.

To be the Chief Energy Officer of your own life means to take 100% responsibility for how you relate, respond and react to your world. How you view the inner world sets the frequency for how you play your music out into the world. That's where the power is, and that's the one thing we can change, thank goodness.

Energy coach Stacy Dorius is the founder of Simply Resonate, where she helps others own, change, and love their energy.

“The approach I use is based on the science of energy, which is vibration and resonance,” says Stacy. “It's about simply resonating with order versus disorder. We’re changing whatever is disordered in their life into order through the science and psychology of energy.”

According to Stacy, people and events don't cause our triggers, they expose them. Through deeper inner work Stacy and her clients begin to build an "awareness coherence.”

“Energy is your emotions in motion,” says Stacy. “What are your deeply-held beliefs? What is that vibrational imprint that you carry around? What is that baggage? Open up that luggage? Look at it, girl, and start unpacking. If we can unpack all that baggage, we have clarity to expand our energy.”

The foundation of Stacy’s energy coaching is based on five principles. The first principle is everything is energy and energy is everything. The second principle is there are two forms of energy: coherent (ordered, harmonious, in sync) or non-coherent (disordered, dissonant, chaotic).

“We look at those two types of energy, recognizing where the energy is, and where you want it to be instead,” says Stacy.

The third principle is energy exchanges with other energy. This is the law of resonance.

“When two energies, two frequencies, of the same vibration cross paths and match with one another, that's resonance. This exchange is about bringing our inner world into our outer world and our outer world into our inner world with people, experiences, events, situations.

The fourth principle, says Stacy, is energy can change. We can change the information in our vibrations to something more ordered and harmonious.

The fifth principle, of course, is you must own your energy.

“I'm most proud of the risk I took to explore my beliefs, my behaviors, and own them,” says Stacy. “I'm proud that I've been able to do that for myself, but I’m even more proud that I get to see it happen in front of my eyes when I work with people.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Stacy Dorius in an interview with Jim Masters on March 27th at 2pm EDT.

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