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Nurse Practitoner Teresa Anne Palmer Returns to CUTV News Radio

TRUSSVILLE, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / -- The wise ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” How much do we actually understand the validity of these powerful words? If so what are doing to live by them and combat sickness and diseases?

Teresa is a top notch Nurse Practitioner, well-being consultant and educator with a special Interest in Integrative Health medicine.

“We have everything within us to heal,” says Teresa. “We possess our own power and it’s just a matter of recognizing and utilizing it. When it comes to illness and disease we have been woefully treating the symptoms instead of figuring out how we can prevent it from occurring. We look to Physicians and Nurse Practitioners as being the ones who are solely responsible for having to cure us. In doing this, we give away our personal power which leaves us feeling helpless and discouraged.”

Obviously misfortunes like slips and falls and car accidents are not within our control but we can prevent health problems such as our blood pressure and what makes us ill like stress, smoking, lack of exercise that have been documented to lead to a tremendous amount of illnesses.

“There are so many ways we can contribute to our well-being through our thoughts and attitudes in our everyday living,” says Teresa. “How we build relationships with people is crucial and our ability to let things go that don’t serve us anymore. “ Forgiving, not forgetting, because you can’t forget events that happen and traumatize us but in order to move on in life you need to let it go.”

According to Teresa we need to connect our hearts with our brains. What we authentically feel gets transmitted to the brain so if we are feeling joyful then the signals in the brain send out the feel good hormones. With negative emotions like uneasiness, fear, and worry the brain gets the signal that’s something is amiss so how we think over a period of time affects our ability to stay healthy.

“There are numerous basic things that can relax us and put our minds at ease,” says Teresa. “Like journaling, meditation, communing with nature, and yoga will allow your body to find solace and peace.”

Teresa’s main focus is to assist people to be empowered and in control of their health by learning how to manage stress.

“Everybody wants to be in optimal health and we just haven’t been taught the proper tools,” says Teresa. “The most monumental thing is recognizing and managing stress because we know it has a critical impact on our mind, body, and soul.”

By enjoying ourselves and having fun, engaging in movement through any kind of exercise we have the most powerfully effective method to keep ourselves in the most superlative health.

“Try to be mindful of the beauty in the world,” says Teresa. “Being genuinely happy in the inside is what you project to the world. We are all universally interconnected and we should care for one another with the most upmost love and respect.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Teresa Anne Palmer in interview with Jim Masters Tuesday March 26th at 2 p.m. EST.

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