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The SocialGood Cryptocurrency will be Listed on DigiFinex, LATOKEN, and Other Major Exchanges

The Social Good Foundation Inc. has just announced the cryptocurrency SocialGood will be listed on DigiFinex, LATOKEN, and other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

JAPAN, TOKYO, JAPAN, March 25, 2019 / -- The Social Good Foundation Inc. (Location: Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward, Soichiro Takaoka, Chief Executive Officer, herein referred to as SGF) has just announced that they have entered into an agreement to list the cryptocurrency SocialGood with the large cryptocurrency exchange "DigiFinex" based in Singapore and "LATOKEN," which has a broad customer base mainly in Europe.

DigiFinex, which was ranked as one of the top 5 exchanges worldwide*, and the SGF have entered into an agreement to have the SocialGood token listed on their exchange while at the same time, SGF has entered into a contract for the promotion of SocialGood Cashback, a cryptocurrency cashback service.

*Data taken from CoinMarketCap 2019 as of March 2, 2019

In addition to the listing contract with "LATOKEN," the SGF has also entered into a contract to participate in an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the exchange. You can buy SocialGood on LATOKEN in March (except for residents in Japan).

The schedule to list on each cryptocurrency exchange will be announced at a later time.

In addition to the above, the SGF has already signed contracts with several major cryptocurrency exchanges and will make further announcements at a more appropriate time.

【Background of How SocialGood Cryptocurrency was Born】
Within the capitalist system, consumers are always paying money to businesses. While the capitalists who receive dividends from companies are getting richer, the gap with the general consumer is widening. It has been pointed out that "capitalism will self-destruct due to its success,"* and it is recognized as a social issue among world leaders.**

*Joseph Schumpeter (Professor, Harvard University)
**January 21, 2019 World Economic Forum (Davos Conference) "Economy for 99%"

The SGF is working to create a new token ecosystem that works to find a solution to this problem by updating the way capitalism works.

Backed by AI and blockchain technology, the Social Good Ecosystem™ is a mechanism that allows consumers to store cryptocurrency (tokens), to increase their wealth and become economically richer the more they shop. We aim to become a world where 7 billion people all over the world can become capitalists and live without worries.

Social Good Ecosystem™ aims to empower people and improve society.
Please see the white paper for details.

【About SocialGood Cashback 】
SocialGood Cashback was developed by SGF, and cash back will be issued in SocialGood (SG) cryptocurrency by the company’s wholly owned subsidiary (based in Malta). There are 40 thousand users worldwide. This service will be launched on March 7th and all members will be able to receive up to 20% cash back while shopping on Amazon and Apple etc.

-SocialGood Cashback Service Site

-Concept video (International Business Model Patents Have Been Submitted)
For more detailed about how this works, please refer to the embedded video via the site below.

【SocialGood Cashback Service Features】
Usually, cash back services are issued by the company that provides the service through a type of system such as a point system, where the use of the points are limited to certain services, and there are times at which the cash exchange rate is low, or where high banking fee was charged.

With the service developed by SGF, cash back is provided in SG from a wholly owned subsidiary (located in Malta). By utilizing cryptocurrency, banking fees and overseas remittance fees can be omitted, so it is possible to smoothly convert to fiat currencies.

By utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchains to reduced operating costs, SGF’s goal is to be able to provide all users with the world’s highest cash back returns.

【About SocialGood’s Price Guarantee】
After listing, the SG price will fluctuate but the SGF will guarantee the SG price at the time cash back is granted to users (e.g., 1 SG = 10 US dollars). SGF’s guarantee is funded by the US$30 million that was raised from overseas institutional investors in 2018.

Cryptocurrency "Social Good” has raised US$30 million from overseas investors, October 1, 2018

To find out about how to make price guarantee requests, please refer to the Terms & Conditions of the SocialGood Cashback service site.

【About SocialGood Pricing】
The price on cryptocurrency exchanges of SG that users receive free of charge from the SGF cashback service may rise. Please check the whitepaper to find out more about the mechanism in the case at which the price will rise.

SocialGood white paper Chapter 6 “Token sales for ecosystem building”

【About SG Sales】
Although SG is scheduled to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges in countries all over the world during 2019, before the token’s listing stage, a portion of the SG tokens will be on sale to account holders on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. As a first step, sales will begin on the cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN, which boasts a monthly transaction amount of US$5.1 billion.* Residents of Japan are prohibited from purchasing tokens.

*Data taken from CoinMarketCap 2019 on March 2, 2019

【About Social Good Foundation Inc.】
"Improve society." Everything the SGF does is done with this belief in mind. The way to change the world is to expand the ecosystem in which the world is connected through cryptocurrency/tokens, to make a Win-Win-Win for all individuals, companies, and society as a whole.

SocialGood Foundation
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