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Energy Medicine Professional Kelly McDowell to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BELLA VISTA, ARKANSAS, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2019 / -- It is widely accepted that negative, limited thinking prevents us from living the lives we wish to live and may even affect our health. According to Kelly McDowell, we can generally trace life problems and illness to negative, limited thinking that is dualistic thinking at the core.

In her mind-body healing system, dualistic thinking is defined as erroneously believing that two positive life experiences are in opposition and conflict, and cannot be experienced at the same time. Examples are “being my true self versus being loved,” “giving versus receiving,” “relationship with God versus safety or nourishment,” “sexual pleasure versus love,” and “giving my ideas versus support.” The possibilities and permutations are many, with each conflicting belief creating disharmony in corresponding emotions and physical body areas.

A pioneer and expert in energy field therapy, McDowell has developed a unique psycho-emotional model of the soul energy centers (chakras), and she discovered that unhealthy dualistic thinking can be precisely found in a person by determining which soul energy centers of the person do not open and function together at the same time.

“This discovery has the potential to advance mind-body medicine, energy medicine, health psychology, faith healing, unity consciousness, and theology,” she says. “The twelve energy centers relate to twelve major aspects of the soul-psyche and twelve major aspects of positive life experience. Once you learn how to perceive the energy centers—and any psycho-emotional disturbances there, you can then explore the relationship between each of the centers to find more and more limited, dualistic thinking—more places in the soul and body that don’t have complete faith in and openness to blessing and abundance—more places that need help and healing. And thorough assessment can be done very quickly.”

McDowell believes that psycho-emotional components of physical illness are vastly underestimated, because she consistently senses those disturbances in the energy centers related to unhealthy body areas.

Energy field science is the study of the human energy field, commonly known as the aura. McDowell states: “In my view, your energy field is your soul, and the health of your soul affects the health of the rest of you. Energy field science is the science of the soul—it merges science and spirituality and medicine.”

When a client presents a life problem or physical illness, McDowell says that she follows where the healing energy and Holy Spirit goes to in the person’s energy field, and what soul centers are being reconnected—which gives invaluable information as to where soul pain and dualistic beliefs are in the person.

McDowell learned about personal dualistic beliefs from Pathwork spiritual psychology and how negative, limiting beliefs create negative life creations through the human energy field from the work of Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist. McDowell wondered how these two paradigms fit together--how one’s dualistic beliefs specifically manifest in the energy field—and eventually figured it out.

“What I do with clients is essentially deep soul healing: bringing the truth of love and unity to parts of the self in pain, and facilitating the release of that pain. Dualistic thinking and the soul pain related to that are blockages in your energy field. As those blockages are removed, what happens is wonderful personal and spiritual growth, inner transformation and happiness, an increased feeling of security in the world that can astound you—and potential healing of the body as well.”

McDowell has used her mind-body healing system for her own growth and healing over the years, including with a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

She acknowledges that many people are not familiar with the existence of soul energy centers, and she aims to help change that. “This work is applicable to practically any life problem, and my goal is to empower others in achieving deep soul health and whole health—to be a strong force for healing in the world.”

She gives private consultations and teaches groups and seminars in person and long-distance, and she is writing a book on her mind-body healing system and healing experiences. She invites research projects and collaborations.

CUTV News Radio will feature Kelly McDowell in an interview with Jim Masters on March 15th at 1pm EST.

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