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Sherry Keahilihau of Wellness Discovered to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SUN LAKES, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2019 / -- Throughout our lives we all undergo stress, trauma, and depression that affect our mental health and physical being. But, are we aware that these negative feelings or emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, and sometimes can actually stay trapped inside our bodies and affect us since they have an influence on our physical tissues which can cause acute pain and even disease.

Sherry is an outstanding certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, energy healer, and owner of Wellness Discovered.
“Wellness is within all of us,” says Sherry. “If we get rid of all those toxic imbalances, it actually allows our bodies to heal themselves. Since the moment I began using the Emotion code, I have acquired a tremendous amount of inner peace and joy. The Emotion Code can literally uncover layers of trapped negative emotions from our bodies revealing the amazing wellness that was always right there.”

Sherry discovered The Emotion Code four years ago when she suddenly started feeling dizzy, unusually fatigued and so ill she could barely walk. After an endless array of hospital tests and doctor visits, she was no step closer to knowing what ailed her and how to regain her health. By chance, she began reading about Dr. Bradley Nelson, the developer of The Emotion Code, and completely intrigued, decided to give it a try. After three weeks of releasing trapped emotions, Sherry felt better than she ever had in her life - reinvigorated, heathy, and totally renewed. Knowing this was her purpose and calling, she became certified in The Emotion Code and The Body Code and soon after began her own practice, Wellness Discovered.

“Part of Doctor Brad’s mission in developing The Emotion Code and The Body Code is to begin to open the hearts of people everywhere and to find that peace in the world that is so woefully missing,” says Sherry.

During her life changing sessions, Sherry asks her client’s subconscious mind certain questions, and it positively has the answer because our subconscious mind knows everything about us. It’s such a simple, wonderful modality and absolutely authentic! Clearing those negative trapped emotions absolves all the imbalances and lets your body heal itself. One very important part of this we almost all experience comes from relationship break ups where our body develops a heart wall that could hold us back from loving again. With the emotion code, a person can open up to that inner peace we all wish we had and love again even more openly than before.

“Every day I feel better, younger, and more rejuvenated,” says Sherry. “I may never have made it through this past year of difficult challenges without it. I’m eternally grateful and can’t imagine living my life without this opportunity to heal myself and so many others.”

This superb healing modality also works just as wonderfully on our pets and animals, so our furry friends benefit from its wonder. Sherry wholeheartedly affirms that she’s not actually healing anyone but that through her expertise and guidance, her client’s bodies are healing themselves.

“Our loving Heavenly Father brought us this amazing healing modality,” says Sherry. “After people experience The Emotion Code and The Body Code, they note the magnificent difference in themselves. Releasing the baggage of negative emotions we carry around opens our hearts and allows us to accomplish our biggest purpose in life which is to love one another and live with eternal joy.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Sherry Keahilihau in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday March 14th at 2 EST.

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Written by: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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